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How Marketers Can Start Integrating AI in Their Work


Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds great promise for making marketing more intelligent, efficient, consumer-friendly, and, ultimately, more effective. Smart marketers are developing, partnering to build, or integrating AI into their tech stacks to get better at what they do. To get started leveraging AI in your marketing efforts, it's important to first confirm your policies regarding the handling of consumer data, transparency, and control. Consumers should be able to interact with connected devices -- from web browsers to mobile phones to voice assistants -- knowing that their data is being used in transparent ways, in a manner consistent with their preferences and expectations. Then, make sure that your data is actionable, for example by using a unique, common identifier for individual consumers across all of your company's various channels and touchpoints.

Are Marketers Underestimating The Value Of Mobile? [Infographic]

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5 Trends Marketers Need To Prepare For In 2018


When it comes to marketing strategy, it's important not to get too far ahead of yourself. Consumer tastes change frequently, so businesses can't put all their advertising eggs in one basket. Kate Sayre, global head of consumer goods strategy at Facebook, explains that when it comes to marketing, the only real constant is change: "We do six-month planning cycles at Facebook because we don't know the future. A lot of it is driven by the consumer. This is new consumer behavior in a lot of these environments and we can pretend we may know what the consumer is going to do, or we can actually do small-scale testing, figure out what they're going to do, and expand and go from there."

Twenty ways marketing will change in 2020...maybe - ET BrandEquity


The average tenure of the CMO will further dip. More marketers will start in-housing most of their Digital work. The combination of choice proliferation and paid content will see consumers falling back on trusted word of mouth. More and more marketers will want to pay more attention to customer retention than customer acquisition. And certainly also look at collaborations more seriously.