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Trump Business Opens Online Store for Trump Merchandise

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The website's inventory includes items described as "Decorated in the USA," including "Charlie the Beagle," a stuffed dog with a blue ribbon with the Trump name on it.

Cohen Says He Rigged Online Polls for Trump in 2014, 2015

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Federal prosecutors referred to a payment to Gauger's company-- though not by name-- when Cohen was charged last summer with violating campaign-finance laws by arranging hush-money payments to two women who claim they had extramarital affairs with Trump. They said in a charging document that Cohen had sought reimbursement from the Trump Organization for those payments with a handwritten note requesting $50,000 for "tech services."

The Women's March Taught Me To Get Offline And Show Up

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

Like many millennials who protested on Saturday, marching in the streets was something I rarely do. I write about feminism online, but posting my work to social media and watching as the likes, retweets and disdainful comments pour in means I depend on instant feedback to know I've made an impact. It's a well-known stereotype that millennials spend more time engaging with each other online than IRL. We Gchat the colleagues who sit beside us. Trump's election was so shocking that it made many of us crave the safety of a real-life community more than our Facebook feeds, myself included.

Man charged after profane defense of anti-Trump online post

FOX News

But it wasn't until he made a profane defense of his First-Amendment rights that they slapped him with a criminal charge. According to federal court documents, Mark Rosenberg of Lincolnton made Facebook comments against Trump and another user last November. The other user then reported what authorities describe as Rosenberg's threatening language about Trump. Court documents say that when two Secret Service agents came to question Rosenberg in December, he argued he had free-speech rights, cursed at them and told them to leave his house. That interaction led to a misdemeanor charge of impeding federal agents.

Rosie O'Donnell Draws Criticism Over Online Anti-Trump Game

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Conservative blogs are criticizing O'Donnell after she tweeted a link to an online game July 15, 2017, where players can lead President Donald Trump off a cliff.