Service Advisor Training: Speed Up the Service but Slow Down the Sale


Fast food chains make their money on feeding people quickly. Speedy service centers promise an oil change in ten minutes or less. But there's an argument for slowing down to serve the customer better. And as a business or professional looking to maximize your earning potential, it pays to slow down the sale. Kevin Davis, in his New York Times bestseller Slow Down, Sell Faster!: Understand Your Customer's Buying Process and Maximize Your Sales, explore the topic from the standpoint of earning new customers.

Tesla is building more service centers alongside Model 3 launch


Tesla just completed its first batch of Model 3s and 30 cars are scheduled to be in their owners' hands on the 28th. But with an estimated 400,000 orders waiting to be filled, Tesla's production ramp up is going to put many more Model 3s on the road in the very near future. In preparation for those added vehicles and the demand they're sure to put on Tesla service centers, the company is working to expand its service facilities. According to Tesla, it will be adding 100 new service centers, hiring 1400 more service technicians and tripling its service capacity worldwide. Remote diagnostic capabilities allow around 90 percent of potential car troubles to be identified outside of a service center and to address offsite issues, Tesla is adding over 350 service vans to its mobile fleet.

Should you fix up or break up with your car?

FOX News

You're looking at a $1,200 repair estimate for your ailing car when an ad catches your eye: a brand new set of wheels for a mere $450 a month. At first, dumping your old car might seem like a no-brainer -- and you can't help picturing how good you would look in that new car. But automotive experts say you'll almost always come out ahead -- at least financially -- by fixing old faithful. There are, however, other important considerations when deciding whether it's time to say farewell. "Even though the repair cost might hurt, you really have to think about buying a new car as a tremendously more expensive proposition," says Jim Manelis, head of direct lending for Chase Auto Finance.

Del. mechanics put AAA's request for repair data in park

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Norm Jones, owner of Kirkwood Auto Center near Newark, worries that sharing his business information with AAA will hurt his profits. WILMINGTON -- Some local owners of AAA-certified auto repair shops are livid after being required to hand over details about work they do on members' vehicles, sparking a dispute that may result in a divorce between the auto club and mechanics. AAA Mid-Atlantic in January sent out letters to member shops telling them to implement an online repair database that the auto club can access. The independent shops were instructed to input details like parts and labor prices and the number of hours spent on a repair for any member vehicle. The requirement has caused an uproar among mechanics because the auto club is developing its own vehicle repair facility in Brandywine Hundred.

Top 5 Ways to Recruit Rockstar Automotive Technicians


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