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The Broken Technology of Ghost Hunting

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Scanning the various product descriptions and reviews, though, what becomes clear is that the K-II Safe Range is a relatively unreliable electromagnetic field meter. It operates only on one axis (you have to wave it around to get a proper reading), and it's unshielded, meaning that it can be set off by a cell phone, a two-way radio, or virtually any kind of electronic device that occasionally gives off electromagnetic waves. The reviewer Kenny Biddle found he could set it off with, among other things, a computer mouse and a camera battery pack. Yet it's precisely because it's not particularly good at its primary purpose that makes it a popular device for ghost hunters. Erratic, prone to false positives, easily manipulated, its flashy LED display will light up any darkened room of a haunted hotel or castle.

Please do not eat ghost peppers before a choir performance


Ever wondered what it would be like to sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" after downing a ghost pepper? Probably not, but you should probably watch this video now that your curiosity's piqued.

Podcast: Creating the Anti-Ghost Kitchen Ghost With Kristen Barnett – The Spoon


The Ghost Kitchen Deep Dive Sessions … Previous Post From Machine Learning to Sensor Systems, Food Tech Is Leading the Fight Against Food Waste.

Brilliant series 'Queer Ghost Hunters' reaches out to misunderstood LGBTQ ghosts


LGBTQ voices have always struggled to be heard, and none more than the voices of the undead. A new web series called Queer Ghost Hunters hopes to bridge that gap. The show, produced by documentary filmmaker Stu Maddox, follows a group of LGBTQ ghost hunters, collectively known as the Stonewall Ghost Hunters, as they travel around the United States to different haunted houses, prisons and mental institutions, seeking to make contact with the queer dead. SEE ALSO: Saying goodbye to AfterEllen, and a generation of queer women's media As one of the hunters explains in the opening trailer, the filmmakers were tired of the presumption that all ghosts had to be heterosexual. LGBTQ ghosts, many of whom spent their lives in hiding, have stories that desperately need to be heard by the living.

'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' expands into PvP with Ghost War


If that's you, then we have some good news: Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting its first player-versus-player mode called Ghost War in an update coming later this year, and it's going to be completely free. SEE ALSO: 5 tips you'll want to know before you start'Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Ghost War lets Wildlands players go toe-to-toe for the first time in 4v4 team deathmatches played out on "large-scale, open maps" based on locations from the main game. The update is expected to release this fall, but there will be an open beta for eager testers available on all platforms later this summer. Sticking to the tactical nature of Wildlands, players in Ghost War can select different classes of fighters to fill specific roles on their teams, including scout, sniper, tank, and more. Players can utilize new PvP-specific mechanics to try and get the upper hand, including suppressing fire and sound markers, which could mean that sound plays a pretty big role in Ghost War as it does in many modern competitive tactical shooters.