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Skydio 2, an Artificial intelligence drone is really very smart


It's not easy to fly DJI's drones despite all the sensors. The newly introduced Skydio 2 virtually eliminates the need for you. The drone does it with artificial intelligence. Skydio is one of the most innovative names on the drone side. The first model, the Skydio R1, has done an amazing job with artificial intelligence but could not reach the end-user, as it was kinda big and at $2,500, prohibitively expensive for the majority.

Skydio - Impossible Video, Now Possible. Master Data Science


Skydio is an autonomous drone technology company that designs and develops GPS enabled software to navigate drones. Since 2014, Skydio has established its company which specializes in artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision. Not until 2018 they launched R1 which was considered as a breakthrough in autonomous drones for customers and as a platform for commercial development. Nowadays, they are building autonomous systems, using artificial intelligence to duck under canopies and dive around branches in forests with caution all by itself. Furthermore, not only it is able to avoid obstacles, some other benefits are they provide remarkable pictures no other drones can.

Drones With 'Most Advanced AI Ever' Coming Soon To Your Local Police Department


Three years ago, Customs and Border Protection placed an order for self-flying aircraft that could launch on their own, rendezvous, locate and monitor multiple targets on the ground without any human intervention. In its reasoning for the order, CBP said the level of monitoring required to secure America's long land borders from the sky was too cumbersome for people alone. To research and build the drones, CBP handed $500,000 to Mitre Corp., a trusted nonprofit Skunk Works that was already furnishing border police with prototype rapid DNA testing and smartwatch hacking technology. They were "tested but not fielded operationally" as "the gap from simulation to reality turned out to be much larger than the research team originally envisioned," a CBP spokesperson says. This year, America's border police will test automated drones from Skydio, the Redwood City, Calif.-based startup that on Monday announced it had raised an additional $170 million in venture funding at a valuation of $1 billion. That brings the total raised for Skydio to $340 million.

Autonomous drone maker Skydio shifts to military and enterprise with its first folding drone


Skydio, a startup that makes autonomous drones that fly themselves with little human intervention, is entering the commercial drone market with its new X2 model. The X2 is Skydio's first non-consumer device and it's marketed toward government agencies, the military, and other organizations that require aerial surveillance or surveying, with its own built-in infrared thermal camera. The X2 announcement coincides with Skydio's new round of $100 million in funding, led by German multinational company Siemens' Next47 firm. Skydio first entered the market a little more than two years ago with the Skydio R1. The R1 was an autonomous drone that sported impressive artificial intelligence-powered obstacle avoidance and other sensors and software features that let it seamlessly fly itself through complex outdoor environments like wooded trails while following subjects.