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AI: Interrogating questions – Idees


It can no longer be denied that Artificial Intelligence is having a growing impact in many areas of human activity. It is helping humans communicate with each other--even beyond linguistic boundaries--, finding relevant information in the vast information resources available on the web, solving challenging problems that go beyond the competence of a single expert, enabling the deployment of autonomous systems, such as self-driving cars or other devices that handle complex interactions with the real world with little or no human intervention, and many other useful things. These applications are perhaps not like the fully autonomous, conscious and intelligent robots that science fiction stories have been predicting, but they are nevertheless important and useful, and most importantly they are real and here today. The growing impact of AI has triggered a kind of'gold rush': we see new research laboratories springing up, new AI start-up companies, and very significant investments, particularly by big digital tech companies, but also by transportation, manufacturing, financial, and many other industries. Management consulting companies are competing in their predictions on how big the economic impact of AI is going to be and governments are responding with strategic planning to see how their countries can avoid staying behind. Although all of this is good news, it cannot be denied that the application of AI comes with certain risks. Several initiatives have been taken in recent years to better understand the risks of AI deployment and came up with legal frameworks, codes of conduct, and value-based design methodologies.

The AI Eye: Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alive and Well in Costa Rica


Picking up steam in 1997 with Intel opening of a microchip factory and an $800 million USD investment, Costa Rica has since blossomed into a key tech hub in Latin America, according to an article from Nearshore Americas. But leaving the landmark Intel investment aside (the factory is now closed), the country is fostering growth through government spending in the space, high public funds devoted to education and tax-friendly technology parks that attract investors and talent from around the globe. With a population of five million inhabitants and 51,000 square kilometers, the number of companies in the country has reached over 546 IT companies, 3,447 manufacturing (including medical components), and performed 12,281 various commercial activities by 2018. This activity generated over 300,000 jobs, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Census. One of the major fields in the current technological revolution is artificial intelligence (AI), of which a high amount of development is occurring in Costa Rica.

Follow the Money in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


POINT ROBERTS, WA--(Marketwired - November 20, 2017) -, a global news source covering leading sectors including artificial Intelligence and robotics issues a sector snapshot and video showcasing companies using the technology, including,

The unforeseen consequences of an AI-built social network


Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies invented by humankind. This technology has affected almost every industry, including the medical, finance, and banking Industries. Due to its enormous potential, investors are sinking some serious funding into AI. Results from a study conducted by Forrester Research predict that investments in AI will increase by 300 percent in 2017. Many tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others have already started investing time and money into discovering AI technologies to supplement their offerings.

13 Mind-Blowing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Already Do Today


By now, most of us are aware of artificial intelligence (AI) being an increasingly present part of our everyday lives. But, many of us would be quite surprised to learn of some of the skills AI already knows how to do. Here are 13 mind-blowing skills artificial intelligence can already do today. Is one of your wishes to save time by only having to pay attention to the salient points of communication? Your wish has come true with artificial intelligence-powered SummarizeBot.