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La veille de la cybersécurité


I can trace it back to when I watched a video of America's Got Talent. It started with singers, but soon it moved on to other categories, including illusionists. That was enough to tell Facebook's algorithms that I had to be interested in magic and that it should show me more of what it deduced I wanted to see. Now I have to be careful, because if I click on any of that content, it will reinforce the algorithm's notion that I must really be interested in card tricks, and pretty soon that's all Facebook will ever show me. Even if it was all just a passing curiosity.

Charli D'Amelio Has Girlbossed Her Way Too Close to the Sun


The influencer-to-reality-star pipeline is real, and now it's claimed its latest victims: TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. The sisters have made the jump from the app's small screen to Hulu, headlining their own reality show about … well, that jump, and the other attempts at off-platform fame they're chasing after becoming TikTok's biggest names. But what the show ends up being is a look at girlboss-ery on overdrive, as these girls try to juggle everything-- even though they may never be able to do so, nor handle the costs. The D'Amelio Show (all eight episodes of which dropped on September 3) follows the two sisters along with their parents, Marc and Heidi, living in Los Angeles and navigating influencer life. Charli D'Amelio, who turns 17 in the final episode of the season, holds the title of the most-followed creator on TikTok with 124 million followers, after shooting to fame in 2019 with her viral dance performance videos.

Marketing Your Content in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


As noted in the first chapter of our previous Trends report, artificial intelligence (AI) is now concentrated in the hands of a small group of technology players who control the user discovery path from beginning to end. This level of control by a handful of major corporations is a cause for concern. Fortunately, filter bubbles and advances in recommendation and predictive technologies can be used to your advantage if you know how.

How Charli D'Amelio Became the Face of TikTok

The New Yorker

When President Trump signed an executive order to force the sale of TikTok, many Americans wondered, perhaps not for the first time, what the fuss was about. The Chinese-owned app has become popular with teen-agers worldwide, but it's not the most inviting place. After signing up, new users are firehosed with a channel of videos made by random people who are referencing unfamiliar trends. The videos themselves are embellished with strange hashtags (#xyzbca) and wild special effects. Anticipating this disorientation, the app directs you to successful and welcoming accounts.

5 unexpected sources of bias in artificial intelligence


As chief scientist and co-founder, Kris focuses on R&D at Narrative Science. Kris is also a professor of computer science at Northwestern University. We tend to think of machines, in particular smart machines, as somehow cold, calculating and unbiased. We believe that self-driving cars will have no preference during life or death decisions between the driver and a random pedestrian. We trust that smart systems performing credit assessments will ignore everything except the genuinely impactful metrics, such as income and FICO scores.