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Monthly showcase focused on drum & bass and various sounds of the underground hosted by Seany Ranks & Vanniety Kills.

Cadence: 2Q Earnings Snapshot

U.S. News

The maker of hardware and software products for validating chip designs posted revenue of $518.4 million in the period, also topping Street forecasts. Four analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $515.3 million.

Computational Invention of Cadences and Chord Progressions by Conceptual Chord-Blending

AAAI Conferences

We present a computational framework for chord invention based on a cognitive-theoretic perspective on conceptual blending. The framework builds on algebraic specifications, and solves two musicological problems. It automatically finds transitions between chord progressions of different keys or idioms, and it substitutes chords in a chord progression by other chords of a similar function, as a means to create novel variations. The approach is demonstrated with several examples where jazz cadences are invented by blending chords in cadences from earlier idioms, and where novel chord progressions are generated by inventing transition chords.

The Future of Chip Design with the Cadence iSpatial Flow - Semiwiki


A few months ago, I wrote about the announcement of a new digital full flow from Cadence. In that piece, I focused on the machine learning (ML) aspects of the new tool. I had covered a discussion with Cadence's Paul Cunningham a week before that explored ML in Cadence products, so it was timely to dive into a real-world example of the strategy Paul described. Since then, I also covered a position paper from Cadence on Intelligent System Design, which provides more details on advanced technology and ML for EDA. The new digital full flow from Cadence is called iSpatial.