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What Apple's new HomePod looks like, according to the internet


Apple finally announced its new smart speaker, the HomePod. The Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor promises better sound and uses Siri to do things like play music, control smart devices, and answer questions for $349. While it just revealed Monday at WWDC, the internet already has some thoughts on what the HomePod looks like. HomePod somehow looks more like a trash can than the Mac Pro Am I the only one who thinks the new HomePod looks like a 2013 Mac Pro shoved into a fishnet stocking??? #wwdc2017 #HomePod

The 1 thing that may kill Apple's new HomePod


Apple announce that it will finally be releasing a home speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. A little late, but with Apple's logo on it, it should become a permanent piece in the homes of Apple fans. Mashable referred to the product as the "Siri-powered Amazon Echo killer," but while the thing actually sounds pretty cool, there is one major issue with the home assistant that is not a problem for the Home or Echo. SEE ALSO: Forget OLED – Apple's reportedly already working on the next generation of display tech No, it's not the $349 price tag or that it's powered by Siri -- it's the design. The HomePod is covered in cloth mesh and looks like a very expensive cat scratcher, and as a cat owner, I can tell you that my pets would definitely try scratching one given the opportunity.

What reviewers are saying about Apple HomePod

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The tech giant announced the HomePod speaker last summer, and originally planned to release it in December. However, Apple aapl then delayed the HomePod's debut, reportedly to modify its software. Now that the HomePod is nearing arrival, it faces stiff competition from competing web-connected speakers like the Amazon amzn Echo, Google goog Home, and Sonos One. The HomePod is the priciest of the speakers at $350. So far, reviewers seem pleased with the HomePod's sound quality, but are underwhelmed by the version of Apple's voice activated Siri digital assistant used in the speaker.

Apple's HomePod Speaker Now Supports Stereo Pairing, Multi-Room Audio


When Apple launched the HomePod in February of this year, early users squawked in equal measures about its unbelievable audio capabilities and the fact that it was a WiFi-connected smart speaker that didn't "talk" to other speakers. Its limits, not just around stereo pairing and multi-room audio but also around some basic voice commands, established it early on as a $349 product that only true Apple fans or audiophiles should consider. But Apple promised then that key updates were in the works for HomePod, that super impressive sound machine built into a body like a soft roll of toilet paper. Now, a week ahead of its giant annual software conference, those key updates have come. HomePod is still one of the more expensive smart speakers in its class, and Apple doesn't plan to offer any kind of bundle deal on the hardware.