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Prometeo develops artificial intelligence platform to monitor firefighters' health ZDNet


Barcelona-based startup Prometeo has developed an AI-based cognitive health monitoring platform in hope that one day it will be used to monitor the health of firefighters while they are out battling brutal wildfires. Co-founder Salome Valero explained the development of the platform came about following concerns that were raised by one of their own team members who is a veteran firefighter. "When the firefighters are fighting against fire, they are breathing in a lot of toxins which can be dangerous for their health … and some of the immediate effects they feel from breathing in smoke is getting headaches. But there is evidence they can suffer respiratory diseases, cancer, and stress disorders," she told ZDNet, during IBM Cloud Innovation Exchange in Sydney last week. "The problem is there currently isn't a lot of data about firefighters' vitals, but because we have this real-time capability, we are will be able to monitor them."

As world's wildfires worsen, firefighters go high-tech to stay healthy

The Japan Times

OLIVELLA, SPAIN – As flames and smoke from burning bushes billowed toward them, Catalan firefighters calmly controlled the progress of a planned fire on a forested hillside -- an exercise aimed at reducing the danger of blazes breaking out later in the summer heat. Prescribed forest burns like this, which thin out flammable undergrowth, are a well-known way of lowering wildfire risks, which are rising as the Earth's climate heats up. Less understood is the impact on the health of the people who work to prevent and battle those forest fires. On a mild February morning in the countryside outside Barcelona, a low-cost monitoring device was field-tested for the first time. Its aim is to better protect firefighting teams -- and in the longer term, populations living near fire-prone areas.

IBM announces 2019 Call For Code grand prize winner


IBM today announced the 2019 Call for Code grand prize was awarded to Prometeo for developing a health monitoring platform for firefighters. The Barcelona-based team consisting of a nurse, a firefighter, and three developers will receive $200,000 and assistance from IBM and its partners to bring the project to life. TNW's finance, blockchain, and business event is coming up soon Promoteo began as an endeavor by firefighter Joan Herrera. Realizing there were no systems in place to monitor the health of firefighters combating wildfires, Herrera and nurse Vicenç Padró began collecting data by hand. Eventually, they joined forces with three IT professionals, Salomé Valero, Josep Ràfols, and Marco Rodriguez, and the team joined the Call For Code challenge.

IBM Names 5 Finalists in 2019 Call for Code Challenge


AsTeR (Europe) – During natural disasters, emergency call centers are overwhelmed and lack the human resources to deal with the sudden uptick in calls. Project AsTeR helps prioritize these calls based on their level of emergency. Instead of being directly connected to an operator, victims are asked to briefly explain their emergency over the phone. Their responses are then converted to text and analyzed to extract key information, such as the number of victims, type of emergency and location. AsTeR then provides first responders with a map identifying areas with high levels of emergency based on the number of people involved and the type of injuries.