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What Is The Largest Library In The World? 20 Things To Know About The British Library In London

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With over 160 million number of items cataloged, from books to manuscripts, "Google" the Library of Congress and one might find that it said to be the largest library in the world. Yet, another impressive structure in England is now boasting a larger assortment of documents, magazines, journals, newspapers and more. The British Library in London is the largest library in the world with well over 170 million cataloged items on its premise, according to various reports. With an infinite supply of reading material, the British Library is a must-see location for its vast catalog of items. Here are 20 quick facts about the world's largest library.

Western Iowa City Opens First Official Public Library

U.S. News

City Council member Carol Clark said she's been working to create a permanent public library since she ran for the council more than three years ago. The community has helped staffed the library, donated books to the library's collection and fundraised money for the purchase of new books, she said.

Over 100 Books, DVDs Reported Stolen From Library

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Lt. Dave Dorland told The Medina Gazette on Wednesday that police don't have a suspect, but they have identified the person who owns the library card used to check out the items. They spoke with her mother, who said that her daughter's purse had been stolen, along with her library card. Police were not able to locate the daughter.

Settle Into 10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries on Earth


And when their governments put money toward them, they even love to visit them. A 2012 report by the Institute of Museum and Library Services found that when investment in libraries drops, as it has in the US since 2009, usage typically falls with it. But the inverse was also true; the more public funds libraries receive, the more people tend to use them. Perhaps that's because a good library is more than a repository for books--it's a community resource. It may also explain the recent spate of high-design libraries (and bookstores) popping up around the globe.

[Report] Polyelemental nanoparticle libraries


Multimetallic nanoparticles are useful in many fields, yet there are no effective strategies for synthesizing libraries of such structures, in which architectures can be explored in a systematic and site-specific manner. The absence of these capabilities precludes the possibility of comprehensively exploring such systems. We present systematic studies of individual polyelemental particle systems, in which composition and size can be independently controlled and structure formation (alloy versus phase-separated state) can be understood. We made libraries consisting of every combination of five metallic elements (Au, Ag, Co, Cu, and Ni) through polymer nanoreactor–mediated synthesis. Important insight into the factors that lead to alloy formation and phase segregation at the nanoscale were obtained, and routes to libraries of nanostructures that cannot be made by conventional methods were developed.