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AI โ€“ Putting the "Smart" in Smart Lighting Solutions


In the realm of IoT, smart lighting seems so last year โ€“ people tend to think that the only feature of a smart light is the ability to remotely turn on and off the light, which is something that people just expect now in a smart device. However, remotely controlling a light is just the beginning of possibilities of what smart lighting fixtures are capable of. In fact, smart lighting has the potential to completely revolutionize our lives. The power behind smart lighting products comes not from the actual light itself, but from the infrastructure that is built into existing lighting systems. Many times companies or individuals don't want to add smart devices to homes because it requires them to install not only the product but also power the device.

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Nanoleaf designed for smart lighting

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We don't normally think of light bulbs as decor, but Nanoleaf wants to change that with a light bulb that is both a statement piece and part of your smart home setup. The Nanoleaf Ivy looks nothing like a traditional light bulb -- it's black, geometric, and made up of a flat foldable printed circuit board. The good: The kit offered at the Apple Store includes everything you need to get started with an ultra-mod smart lighting system: the Nanoleaf Smart Hub, two Nanoleaf smart IVY LED light bulbs, a power cable, ethernet cable and a guide. It responds to verbal commands like "Siri, turn off the lights in the baby's room." Or "Siri, set my lights for dinner."

Set lighting to match your mood with this smart bulb on sale


Save $11.81: Grab the TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb KL130 for just $10.18, down from $21.99, as of Sept. 27 -- that's a 53% discount. The days are getting shorter and shorter, so we're relying more and more on our household lighting to set the vibes in the late afternoon and evening. If you're dreading turning on your light because of its weird blue cast or are simply craving some customizability, a smart bulb might be just the thing for you. As of Sept. 27, you can grab the TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb KL130 is on sale for just $10.18 at Amazon. Unlike many other smart bulbs, you can use all of Kasa's features without a hub (a plus we've raved about before with this brand).

Philips Hue smart lighting gets a new app with more features


Philips has announced a new app for its Philips Hue gen 2 smart LEDs that gives users more fine-grain detail control over their lighting. It includes one of the most user-requested enhancements, according to Philips: the ability to assign multiple lights to a room, so that all the lights in the room can be controlled at once. Users will also be able to program daily routines, and use geofencing to automatically turn lights off when they leave the home, and on again as they return. The app's dashboard provides easy access to Hue's most popular features. Users can select a group of lights and assign them to a room, which then can be activated by voice or within the app itself.