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Data from my two years at Software Engineering Radio indicates that technical software podcast listeners are an under-served market. If you are a software engineer who doesn't listen to many podcasts about software, this should be self-evident. Technical knowledge about software will help you work more intelligently. The scope of software engineering is growing. If you use WordPress, Ableton or PhotoShop, you are a software engineer.

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"Software is the most prevalent of all the instruments used in modern science" [Goble 2014]. Scientific software is not just widely used [SSI 2014] but also widely developed. Yet much of it is developed by researchers who have little understanding of even the basics of modern software development with the knock-on effects to their productivity, and the reliability, readability and reproducibility of their software [Nature Biotechnology]. Many are long-tail researchers working in small groups – even Big Science operations like the SKA are operationally undertaken by individuals collectively. Technological development in software is more like a cliff-face than a ladder – there are many routes to the top, to a solution.

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At AccessHQ, we take pride in our commitment to quality in technology. Can you think of more? Let us know; send us an email. Feel free to download and share the infographic below.

Cloud SaaS Amps Enterprise Software Spending Vanguard Software


Tier-1 behemoths still dominate the enterprise software landscape with transaction-based platforms for data management, business intelligence (BI), and reporting. But new best-of-breed cloud applications are pushing into this space, winning customers and market share, and amping up overall investment in cloud enterprise software. Market research firm Gartner last week projected the biggest worldwide IT splurge in a decade for 2018, attributing increased outlays to the rise of cloud computing, and therefore to fatter spending on cloud-based enterprise software. By 2021, 28 percent of all IT spending will be dedicated to cloud-based infrastructure, software, and services, Gartner says. "It's more of the same of the market moving from a license model, with on-premises software, to a service model in the cloud," Gartner research VP, John-David Lovelock, told Barrons.