A look at software development for 2017


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However, he emphasised that areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence still provided big opportunities for start-up growth. Mojtaba Arvin is a computer programmer who's fascinated by artificial intelligence . Right now, he spends his time as an information technology student .

Announcing the New App for AI Magazine

AI Magazine

This spring, AI Magazine launched its digital edition, which brought the magazine new interactivity and color throughout. I'm delighted to announce that this issue inaugurates another major delivery advance, the launch of the AI Magazine app.

AI's Game Playing Challenge - Computerphile


AlphaGo is beating humans at Go - What's the big deal? Rob Miles explains what AI has to do to play a game. What on Earth is Recursion?: https://youtu.be/Mv9NEXX1VHc Many thanks to Nottingham Hackspace for providing the location and being downright awesome Easter Egg: https://youtu.be/B8CujhUwVic This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Do You Have What You Need to Act on Your AI Initiatives Now? - Topcoder


The two most necessary pieces of the AI puzzle are those hardest to find: massive amounts of data and qualified AI talent. With crowdsourcing, you can tap into thousands of data scientists and developers trained in today's must-have cognitive skills. Yesterday you had to write everything yourself; today we have open source. Better yet, we have platforms. Salesforce has AI, Microsoft has one… IBM has Watson.