A look at software development for 2017


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However, he emphasised that areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence still provided big opportunities for start-up growth. Mojtaba Arvin is a computer programmer who's fascinated by artificial intelligence . Right now, he spends his time as an information technology student .

How machine learning can improve software development itself


The activities of many globally active IT corporations prove that machine learning will be high on their lists. Be it Google, IBM or Microsoft – all of them have made machine learning an important component of their business strategies. In addition, the tech giants have been recruiting entire competence teams and acquiring machine learning and AI startups. While IT, automotive, telecommunications and media are among the pioneers of this development, more traditional industries such as the chemicals sector, logistics/transportation and pharmaceuticals are already awaiting their turn. This makes me wonder whether machine learning can offer genuine value to the field of software development itself.

Software Development Engineer/siliconarmada.com


DESCRIPTION You have hundreds of thousands of hosts, hundreds of millions of lines of code, billions of online transactions, and one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Now go build systems to secure it. The Application Security team is charged with building automated software that ingests hundreds of gigabytes of information daily, then interprets, transforms, and catalogs it into concrete and actionable information that is used to to drive the highest security standards possible. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer that wants to write applications to import and analyze big data, use that information to drive Machine Learning solutions, push findings through a workflow system, and create tools that integrate with Amazons build and operations systems to ensure security every step through the development process. An engineer that enjoys personal responsibility, big problems, lots of influence on the development process, and an iterative approach to finding the right solution will thrive on our team.

Intelligent Software Agents

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In artificial intelligence research, agent-based systems technology has been hailed as a new paradigm for conceptualizing, designing, and implementing software systems. Agents are sophisticated computer programs that act autonomously on behalf of their users, across open and distributed environments, to solve a growing number of complex problems. Increasingly, however, applications require multiple agents that can work together. A multi-agent system (MAS) is a loosely coupled network of software agents that interact to solve problems that are beyond the individual capacities or knowledge of each problem solver.