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Financial Engineering and Artificial Intelligence in Python


Created by Lazy Programmer Inc, Lazy Programmer Team 14.5 hours on-demand video course Have you ever thought about what would happen if you combined the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence with financial engineering? Today, you can stop imagining, and start doing. This course will teach you the core fundamentals of financial engineering, with a machine learning twist.

GSM System Engineering - Programmer Books


Here is a comprehensive look at the global system for mobile communications from an engineer's viewpoint. GSM System Engineering covers the architecture, protocols, and time and frequency domain representation, as well as the important issues of network maintenance and management of mobility, subscribers, and security. The book includes explanations of the hardware and software configurations and functions of the mobile switching center, base transceiver station, operations and maintenance center, mobile station sub-systems, the basics of a typical advanced cellular system, an example of an actual Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) system, and a look ahead at the industry's future.

C for Financial Mathematics - Programmer Books


If you know a little bit about financial mathematics but don't yet know a lot about programming, then C for Financial Mathematics is for you. C is an essential skill for many jobs in quantitative finance, but learning it can be a daunting prospect. This book gathers together everything you need to know to price derivatives in C without unnecessary complexities or technicalities. It leads the reader step-by-step from programming novice to writing a sophisticated and flexible financial mathematics library. At every step, each new idea is motivated and illustrated with concrete financial examples.

Introduction to Machine Learning for Go Programmers


Go programmers love Go's simplicity, ease of deployment, and tooling. But what if you want to infuse a little more intelligence in your Go applications? In this course, Pachyderm data scientist Daniel Whitenack, Ph.D., shows Go pros how to build and train a predictive machine learning app that combines native Go with a cool ML algorithm called linear regression.

Securing DevOps - Programmer Books


Security teams need to adopt the techniques of DevOps and switch their focus from defending only the infrastructure to protecting the entire organization by improving it continuously. Securing DevOps explores how the techniques of DevOps and Security should be applied together to make cloud services safer. By the end of this book, readers will be ready to build security controls at all layers, monitor and respond to attacks on cloud services, and add security organization-wide through risk management and training. The goal of DevOps is to shorten the time and reduce the cost of transforming an idea into a product customers use. DevOps makes heavy use of automated processes to speed up development and deployment.