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2016: the Year of Mobile Health


The rise of mobile was recognised by Forbes back in 2014, for example: 'not surprisingly, marketers are following consumers to mobile. The numbers are just too large for brands to ignore and while the marketing industry has been keenly aware of mobile's impact, 2014 will likely be the tipping point where companies seriously embrace mobile.'

Five Things You Need to Know About Mobile Messaging

Forbes - Tech

Are you using email and phone to keep in touch with current customers or users? What do your open rates look like? Mobile messaging is a dominant force in 2017 communications trends and is projected to take off through 2020. Capitalizing on this, I've spent the past four years growing healthcare messaging platform, working to solve the inefficient communication problem within the healthcare industry. To make the most of mobile, we first took an operational look at the inner workings of the healthcare industry.

UK's best and worst cities for 4G mobile coverage revealed

BBC News

Middlesbrough is the best city in the UK to get mobile 4G coverage while Bournemouth is the worst, says a report. Consumer group Which? and analyst OpenSignal measured data from mobile phones across 20 cities in the UK. They say "critical" reforms are needed to provide a better service for customers. Ofcom said its rules meant "virtually all" UK premises would have to receive a 4G signal by the end of the year. The OpenSignal study analysed more than 500m data readings from mobile phones taken from more than 30,000 users between December 1 2016 and February 28 via an app.

Mobile & post-mobile trends 2017


What are the key trends you see going into 2017? Please answer each question with just 1-3 sentences.

Mobile Money vs Mobile Banking


– This post was originally published on 26-August-2014 on Linkedin. Basic knowledge and introduction on mobile money and its critical success factors, attributes, key stake holders along with meaning were discussed in Mobile Money Basics (updated on 21-Dec-2014). People interested in the use of mobile phones for their payments, sending money to each other (P2P) or checking balance, often ask what is the difference between e-money, mobile money, mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile commerce etc. Most of the consumers who wants to use and even some who are already using these services are confused. As there are no universally accepted/defined definitions. This lack of uniformity does become critical at the regulatory level as well as when potential players are trying to have a meaningful conversation with each other.