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Horrifying deepfake video blends Jennifer Lawrence and Steve Buscemi

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An unnerving new video that appears to show Steve Buscemi's face seamlessly molded onto Jennifer Lawrence's head is yet another example of the worrying advancements of'deepfakes' videos. The clip will sound familiar to anyone who remembers Lawrence's speech backstage at the 2016 Golden Globes – but the words are instead coming out of Buscemi's mouth. Horrified social media viewers have been have been sharing the clip of'Jennifer Buscemi' across the internet this week, with many calling it the stuff of nightmares. An unnerving new video appears to show Steve Buscemi's face seamlessly molded onto Jennifer Lawrence's body The clip was first posted by Reddit user VillainGuy at the beginning of January. It's since been shared thousands of times.

Stephen Colbert showed Steve Buscemi that Jennifer Lawrence deepfake video and he has mixed feelings


How do you do, fellow kids? Steve Buscemi had some thoughts about the latest viral "deepfake" video that's been floating around. You know the one: It's Steve Buscemi's face creepily pasted onto Jennifer Lawrence's body. Speaking to Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, a befuddled Buscemi deadpanned, "I've never looked better." He added, "It makes me sad that somebody spent that much time on that."

AOL's 'Park Bench With Steve Buscemi' picks up Emmy


AOL's Park Bench With Steve Buscemi won an Emmy for Best Short-form Variety Series on Sunday, beating titles from fellow digital players Funny Or Die, Maker Studios and Defy Media's ScreenJunkies. AOL, which Verizon acquired for 4.4 billion, has bolstered its efforts in creating video content for each of its individual brands geared towards various audiences. It acquired a minority stake in AwesomenessTV and sealed a joint venture with Hearst in purchasing Complex Media. It also broke into virtual reality with the acquisition of RYOT. Park Bench had been previously nominated for an Emmy in 2014, alongside another AOL original called Future Starts Here. Created by and starring Buscemi, Park Bench follows the actor as he hangs out with various famous friends in New York to discuss people, places and the spirit that embodies the city.

In Praise of The Death of Stalin's Terrible Accents


Imagine Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and military commander Georgy Zhukov gathering in a hallway, conspiring in hushed tones. Now imagine that they're played by Steve Buscemi and English actor Jason Isaacs, and they talk like this: ISAACS: What the fuck were you thinking? BUSCEMI: I don't know, OK? And you really have to help me. Isaacs is speaking with a Broad Yorkshire accent while Buscemi sounds like he grew up on the streets of Brooklyn (which, in fact, he did).

Steve Buscemi's wife Jo Andres, filmmaker and choreographer, dies age 65

FOX News

Emmy Award-winning actor Steve Buscemi's wife Jo Andres has died. She was 65. (Getty Images) Emmy Award-winning actor Steve Buscemi's wife Jo Andres has died at the age of 65. A source close to the family confirmed her death to Fox News. The two wed in 1987 and share one son, Lucian, E! News reported. Andres was a choreographer, filmmaker and artist.