Israel suspends taxation legislation for Jerusalem's churches

Al Jazeera

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has announced it will reopen its doors after Israel decided to suspend legislation regarding collecting taxes from churches and their properties in Jerusalem.

EU Plans New Legislation to Protect Publishers WSJD - Technology

BRUSSELS--The European Union's executive branch will propose formal legislation that would help publishers seek remuneration from news aggregators such as Alphabet Inc.'s Google news search that list snippets of articles on their website, according to internal documents seen by The Wall Street Journal. In a draft document outlining its legislative proposals to update the bloc's copyright rules, which is expected to be formally announced in late September, the European Commission said the new EU-wide rules would hand news...

President Obama Calls for Gun Control Legislation in Orlando

Mother Jones

In Orlando this afternoon, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with victims' families and survivors of the massacre at the Pulse LGBT nightclub that claimed the lives of 49 people just days ago. Obama spoke about an increasingly urgent need for gun control legislation, saying "we need to work across political lines to do more to stop killers who want to terrorize us." "The last two terrorist attacks on our soil--Orlando and San Bernardino--were homegrown," he said. "Our politics have conspired to make it as easy as possible for a terrorist or just a disturbed buy extraordinarily powerful weapons...legally." He insisted that the debate surrounding gun control needs to change, and called on the House and Senate to "rise to the moment and do the right thing" and pass legislation to curb access to weapons like the AR-15.

The Latest: House Kills Idaho Hemp Legislation

U.S. News

The House has voted to kill Idaho hemp legislation after the Senate added amendments lawmakers say turned it into a decision to create a state plan for hemp rather than go with a federal plan yet to be released.

Idaho House Approves Legislation Seeking Federal Land Sales

U.S. News

The House has approved legislation urging Congress to enact a law requiring that federal lands be sold within a county in Idaho when private lands in the county are sold, traded or transferred to the federal government.