New video game: Elon Musk Tesla vs. asteroids, spaceships, Jeff Bezos

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A new 8-bit video game has an idea, and it has something to do with avoiding asteroids, spaceships, and defeating the head of Jeff Bezos. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the story. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. A new 8-bit video game has an idea, and it has something to do with avoiding asteroids, spaceships, and defeating the head of Jeff Bezos.

Swedish Startup Uses AI to Figure Out What Dolphins Talk About


After mastering 40 human languages, a Swedish startup has turned to dolphins, hoping to use its language-analysis software to unlock the secrets of communication employed by the aquatic mammals. Using technology from artificial intelligence language-analysis company Gavagai AB, researchers from Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology will begin compiling a dolphin-language dictionary. The software will monitor captive bottlenose dolphins at a wildlife park about 90 miles south of Stockholm, the company said in an emailed statement Wednesday. "We hope to be able to understand dolphins with the help of artificial intelligence technology," Jussi Karlgren, an adjunct professor of language technology at KTH and co-founder of Gavagai, said in the statement. "We know that dolphins have a complex communication system, but we don't know what they are talking about yet."

Danish Supermarkets Bilka, Fotex Hit by Black Friday Cyber Attacks: Media

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COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Danish supermarket chains Bilka and Fotex were hit by cyber attacks early Friday, taking down their websites at the launch their Black Friday campaigns, local media reported.

8 tips on staying cyber safe while shopping

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This year Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on Cyber Monday, the online shopping spree that follows Black Friday. USA Today's Elizabeth Weise offers tips on how consumers can protect themselves online as they shop. SAN FRANCISCO -- In the rush to get holiday shopping done, it's too easy to take shortcuts that could put you at major risk of cyber attack. According to a recent CNET survey, one in four holiday gift shoppers has been a victim of an online hack in the past 12 months. To avoid joining their number, cybersecurity experts offer these tips to keep you, your credit cards and bank accounts safe.

The 3D printed bike: Silicon Valley startup reveals carbon fiber frame

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After a career that included helping Alphabet Inc's Google build out data centers and speeding packages for Inc to customers, Jim Miller is doing what many Silicon Valley executives do after stints at big companies: finding more time to ride his bike. But this bike is a little different. Arevo Inc, a startup with backing from the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency and where Miller recently took the helm, has produced what it says is the world's first carbon fiber bicycle with 3D-printed frame. Arevo is using the bike to demonstrate its design software and printing technology, which it hopes to use to produce parts for bicycles, aircraft, space vehicles and other applications where designers prize the strength and lightness of so-called'composite' carbon fiber parts but are put off by the high-cost and labor-intensive process of making them.