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AI and Machine Learning to Redefine Content Creation and Delivery, says SDL


SDL, a leader in the global content creation, management, translation and delivery, announced its Five Future States of Content, a series of disruptive content trends for brands to watch in 2018. With content at the heart of every customer journey, SDL predicts content will hit a new dimension of organizational importance, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) playing a leading role in automating the content creation, translation, organization and delivery. Peggy Chen, CMO at SDL, said, "Content that creates itself, organizes itself, and scales globally with ease all sounds like the stuff of imagination. But the rules of content and marketing are changing in 2018, and the emergence of new AI and Machine Learning technologies are powering this seismic shift. Smart companies know that this is the future they must prepare for if they're going to thrive in the years ahead."

Content Marketing Buzzwords You Actually Need to Pay Attention To


And they're really fun to write about, too. Contently has mastered the buzzword listicle year after year with witty insight on buzzspeak and content marketing lingo that constantly creeps into our conversations. While we've all grown accustomed to yesterday's buzzwords like "thought leadership," "storytelling" and "snackable content," there's a new slew of them that have entered our everyday content marketing language. Here are six more content marketing buzzwords you actually need to pay attention to in 2017 and why. This is the most basic form of personalization and has become a standard practice for email marketing.

Send in the Robots: 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes Content Creation Easier - Inbound Now - March 15, 2019


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting almost every industry, and slowing becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, both at work and in the home. This especially rings true for content marketers, who are now seeing giant leaps forward in AI's ability to help them create, distribute, and manage their content. It might seem a bit techy and like something out of sci-fi but it's actually incredibly practical, helping many marketers create better content in a faster and more organized way. Here are 5 ways AI is making content creation easier. Personalization is something that many marketers struggle with, according to Marketing Charts that exact number sits at 75%.

Creative machines: How close are we to AI-generated content marketing?


We typically think of artificial intelligence (AI) within our industry in terms of processes and calculations. Media buying, for example, is ripe for intervention by sophisticated algorithms and machine learning systems. The commonly-held assumption is that developments such as these will free up humans to spend more time on creative tasks, like campaign strategy and content production. But as we move from rule-based automation to true AI, should we believe that creativity will remain a singularly human pursuit? How close is artificial intelligence to being able to carry out the role of a content marketer?

How Artificial Intelligence is shaping content marketing


In more than one way, AI has already made an influential presence in digital marketing. As part of digital marketing strategy, content marketing has also been a beneficiary of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology. But as of now, the influence has been limited to a few aspects, like content marketing strategy, content recommendations based on personal preferences, etc. There is actually a lot more to come within a span of a few years from the increasing collaboration between content marketers and the AI-powered content marketing tools. With so many changes AI can bring us, we need to take a comprehensive look at the entire influence of artificial intelligence on content marketing.