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Constrained Coalition Formation

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The conventional model of coalition formation considers every possible subset of agents as a potential coalition. However, in many real-world applications, there are inherent constraints on feasible coalitions: for instance, certain agents may be prohibited from being in the same coalition, or the coalition structure may be required to consist of coalitions of the same size. In this paper, we present the first systematic study of constrained coalition formation (CCF). We propose a general framework for this problem, and identify an important class of CCF settings, where the constraints specify which groups of agents should/should not work together. We describe a procedure that transforms such constraints into a structured input that allows coalition formation algorithms to identify, without any redundant computations, all the feasible coalitions. We then use this procedure to develop an algorithm for generating an optimal (welfare-maximizing) constrained coalition structure, and show that it outperforms existing state-of-the-art approaches by several orders of magnitude.

Austrian Far Right Comes off Worse After Coalition's First 100 Days

U.S. News

VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria's government, the only one in Western Europe to include the far right, has spent much of its first 100 days dealing with anti-Semitism scandals and other unforeseen headwinds but only the anti-immigrant Freedom Party has suffered damage so far.

Austrian Conservative Leader Sees Many Options on Coalitions

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"I would of course like to form a stable government. If that cannot be done then there are other options," he told broadcaster ORF, adding that he planned to talk to all parties in parliament but would first wait for a count of postal ballots that begins on Monday.

Germany's Social Democrats back coalition with Merkel

Al Jazeera

Members of Germany's Social Democrat Party (SPD) have voted in favour of entering a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in a postal ballot, according to a statement by the party.

Merkel, rival meet German president amid gov't impasse

FOX News

BERLIN – Germany's president brought together Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leader of the center-left Social Democrats, Martin Schulz, on Thursday night with the aim of breaking the impasse over the formation of a new government.