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Apache Hadoop reaches 3.0 - SD Times


The Apache Software Foundation has announced version three of the open source software framework for distributed computing. Apache Hadoop 3.0 is the first major release since Hadoop 2 was released in 2013. "Hadoop 3 is a major milestone for the project, and our biggest release ever," said Andrew Wang, Apache Hadoop 3 release manager. "It represents the combined efforts of hundreds of contributors over the five years since Hadoop 2. I'm looking forward to how our users will benefit from new features in the release that improve the efficiency, scalability, and reliability of the platform." Apache Hadoop has become known for its ability to run and manage data applications on large hardware clusters in the Big Data ecosystem.

Apache Hadoop Admin Tips and Tricks


In this post I will share some tips I learned after using the Apache Hadoop environment for some years, and doing many many workshops and courses. The information here considers Apache Hadoop around version 2.9, but it could definably be extended to other similar versions.

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Hadoop v3.0.0 General Availability : The Apache Software Foundation Blog


Apache Hadoop is widely deployed at numerous enterprises and institutions worldwide, such as Adobe, Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, AOL, Apple, Capital One, Cloudera, Cornell University, eBay, ESA Calvalus satellite mission, Facebook, foursquare, Google, Hortonworks, HP, Hulu, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, The New York Times, Rackspace, Rakuten, SAP, Tencent, Teradata, Tesla Motors, Twitter, Uber, and Yahoo. The project maintains a list of known users at "It's tremendous to see this significant progress, from the raw tool of eleven years ago, to the mature software in today's release," said Doug Cutting, original co-creator of Apache Hadoop. "With this milestone, Hadoop better meets the requirements of its growing role in enterprise data systems. The Open Source community continues to respond to industrial demands."

Apache Hadoop 3.1.0 released. And a look back! - Hortonworks


The Apache Hadoop community just announced the release of Apache Hadoop 3.1.0! This is the next big milestone in the Apache Hadoop 3.x line, the first one being the 3.0.0 It's a significant release for many readers of this blog who are on the Apache Hadoop 2.x series. This release is *not* yet ready for production use. Critical issues are being ironed out via testing and downstream adoption.

How Apache Hadoop 3 Adds Value Over Apache Hadoop 2 - Hortonworks


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