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Why Python Is Preferred In Machine Learning? Amar Infotech


Python is acknowledged collectively as one of the best languages for AI and ml projects. I believe what makes Python web development thus popular is- "it's super easiness" & "it's straightforward coding". Nobody likes to write tough and confusing codes for algorithms that require mathematical calculation. Hence, many businesses widely consider Python as a great alternative for data science and scientific computing and hire python developers for building complex scientific & numeric applications. Python developer's area unit focused on serving a friendly system to its clients.

Why is Python a perfect choice for Big Data? - Geospatial World


As we all know, Big Data is the most valuable commodity in the modern era. The amount of data generated by companies is increasing at a rapid pace. By 2025, IDC says the worldwide data will reach 175 zettabytes. A zettabyte is equivalent to a trillion gigabytes. Now multiply that 175 times.

Why Golang and Not Python? Which Language is Perfect for AI? - RTInsights


Golang is now becoming the mainstream programming language for machine learning and AI with millions of users worldwide. Python is awesome, but Golang is perfect for AI programming! Launched a decade back, November 2009, Golang recently turned ten. The language developed by Google's developers is now making programmers more productive. These developers main goal was to create a language that would eliminate the so-called "extraneous garbage" of programming languages like C .

10 Reasons to Learn Python in 2019 - DZone Big Data


If you follow my blog regularly then you may be wondering why am I writing an article to tell people to learn Python? Didn't I ask you to prefer Java over Python a couple of years ago? Well, things have changed a lot since then. In 2016, Python replaced Java as the most popular language in colleges and universities and has never looked back. Python is growing big time.

Develop a Machine Learning-based App with Python


Today's generation wonders how technology has improved their daily lives and how it is going to make it easier in the future. The tech stacks have created a customized experience for all of us from image recognition to predictive analytics. But, do you know that these applications are the result of Machine learning? AI and ML are the new king of the IT industry and will grow even more over time. Giants like Tesla, Uber, and Google have already befriended them for processing and analyzing the data. Deloitte research says that companies using AI and ML as their technological transformation are more likely to see productivity improvements and achieve greater efficiency and strategic goals.