Luxriot VCA Module is a real-time video analytics engine


At the core of the product is an advanced object tracking engine that continually tracks moving and stationary targets. The Luxriot EVO software is highly effective in a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. Comprehensive filters mean the system can recognize between behaviors appropriate to each surveillance scene. Easy to set up, Luxriot Video Analytics automatically adjust to site conditions, making it ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use. Alternative software setups can have up to 100 setup parameters solely to adjust to lighting conditions.

Platoon-based self-scheduling for real-time traffic signal control


We take a self-scheduling approach to solving the traffic signal control problem, where each intersection is controlled by a self-interested agent operating with a limited (fixed horizon) view of incoming traffic. Central to the approach is a representation that aggregates incoming vehicles into critical clusters, based on the non-uniformly distributed nature of road traffic flows. Starting from a recently developed signal timing strategy based on clearing anticipated queues, we propose extended real-time decision policies that also incorporate look-ahead of approaching vehicle platoons, and thus focus attention more on keeping vehicles moving than on simply clearing queues. We present simulation results that demonstrate the benefit of our approach over simple queue clearing, both in promoting the establishment of "green waves" where vehicles move through the road network without stopping and in improving overall traffic flows.

State Releases Real-Time Data on Tickborne Diseases

U.S. News

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention says its data dashboard is updated in near real-time and will provide daily updates on the number of such diseases. The tool also tracks anaplasmosis and babesiosis (bab-EH-see-oh-sis).

German cars will share real-time data to help you find parking


However smart your car might be, there's only so much it can tell you by itself. Wouldn't it be nice if cars regularly shared helpful driving info beyond what you offer in mobile apps? It's launching services that will have cars automatically sharing real-time data to improve commutes for everyone. Vehicles (starting with those from Here owners Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz) will use their sensors and cameras to offer details on free parking spaces, traffic conditions, and road hazards. You'd know that a parking spot has opened up, or that heavy rain is forcing drivers ahead to slow down.