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Simplifying Patent Analysis With Artificial Intelligence


As we know, the importance of patents is immense in all industries. Amidst today's hyper-competitive landscape, organizations are aggressively acquiring or filing for patents to keep their innovations secure. AI can assist organizations in managing and analyzing patents more accurately. The analysis of patents is a significant part of IP management today. Competently handled patent analysis is essential for complementing the research and development that has gone into creating a brand-new technology or any other form of innovation, facilitating the procurement and safeguarding of IP rights linked to the said innovation or technology and making strategic business decisions for the long-term.

Exclusive Coinvision Interview with IPwe's CEO and CTO


Coinvision sat down with Erich Spangenberg and Dan Bork, respectively, the CEO and the CTO of IPwe, a new venture creating a blockchain and AI enabled global patent market that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent months. Coinvision: Can you give us a short overview on IPwe? Maybe a little on how you came up with the business? Erich: IPwe is creating the patent asset class. We are using AI and blockchain to answer basic questions about patents – Do they exist?