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Amazon Alexa Lost Its Voice, Forcing Users to Use Light Switches and Check Weather Themselves

TIME - Tech

Some Amazon Alexa users were met with deafening silence Friday, with the voice-controlled digital assistant going down across the U.S. According to, a website that monitors technology outages and service interruptions, issues with Alexa began after 9:30 a.m. Users reported issues with Alexa's voice recognition service on either Amazon Echo devices or third party electronics that run Alexa, reports The Verge. However, users were able to access the digital assistant through Alexa app, notes TechCrunch. The outage appears to be impacting fewer people than earlier in the day, according to However, those with mute virtual assistants have been forced to perform mundane tasks like turn on lights, look up the weather, play music, or call friends the old-fashioned way.

Alexa is DOWN: Users complain Amazon smart assistant is ignoring them

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon's Alexa has gone down and is ignoring user's requests, according to numerous reports from customers. Alexa is the name given to the artificial intelligence (AI) system that powers the Echo device range. The smart assistant has been down since early this morning but users say that the device either won't switch off or is switching itself off. Outage tracker Down Detector– the website that tracks outages – received hundreds of complaints about Alexa not working at around 8am this morning UK time. Amazon's Alexa has gone down and is ignoring user's requests, according to reports from frustrated customers.

Amazon faces web issues around the world on Prime Day

BBC News

Shoppers in the US and elsewhere are struggling to access Amazon's website as one of its biggest annual sales, Prime Day, gets underway. Many reported the e-commerce platform had crashed, showing them only an error message that read: "sorry, something went wrong on our end". The issues are centred on the US but occurring on other continents too. In a tweet Amazon said it was working to resolve the issues. According to reports, users have experienced errors on both the desktop site and the mobile app.

Here's why the internet is broken right now


Do a bunch of your apps seem like they decided to call in sick today? From Venmo to Disney to the McDonald's app, outages are currently plaguing multiple services across the internet. The Downdetector home page is a sea of red spikes, all indicating service disruptions occurring around the same time. These apps and websites have something in common that is apparently affecting them all: They rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store their data and/or provide computing power. AWS is Amazon's cloud computing business, the largest business of its kind (followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud).

Experts warn huge Amazon crash 'could impact an already tight delivery model'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon has dismissed fears that its massive global outage could lead to Christmas chaos, despite experts warning that it may'impact an already tight delivery model'. The online retail giant is battling to regroup after a major cloud services outage disrupted the company's shipping operations on Tuesday, threatening to create lasting logjams during the festive season. Amazon services stuttered to a halt across the globe for seven hours from about 3:30pm GMT Tuesday, after the company's server crashed. It impacted everything from airline reservations to payment apps and video streaming services to Amazon's own massive e-commerce operations. Unfortunately for Christmas shoppers, an Amazon app used to interface with delivery drivers – Amazon Flex – went down, leaving vans that were supposed to deliver items sitting idle without communication from the firm, Bloomberg reported. Some customers who were expecting packages on Tuesday were notified that delivery would be delayed for one to two days, according to complaints on social media.