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Google plans to use artificial intelligence to improve quality of life


Technology giant Google is aiming to'democratize' artificial intelligence and machine learning by making them available to everyone including users, developers, and enterprises. Be it diagnosing of terminal disease or preventing road accidents or recognizing financial frauds, Google said that it intends to lower the entry barrier of using such technologies for improving the quality of life. In addition to this, these technologies would help the self-driving cars as well. Even Google Photo's search capabilities and Snapchat filters would be enhanced. "Google's cloud platform already delivers customer applications to over a billion users every day, Now if you can only imagine, combining the massive reach of this platform with the power of AI and making it available to everyone", commented Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist of Alphabet Inc. and machine learning at Google Cloud.

New Google DeepMind AI neural network program can navigate London Underground map


Google seems to have taken another step forward with their progress in artificial intelligence as their new AI program can now navigate the London Underground system without repetitive feeding of data. Most AI programs can do the same but the difference with the new Google AI agent is that it can learn the ropes in just one try. In addition, the same program also has the capability to answer several questions regarding a family tree. Google DeepMind researchers developed the program without having to pre-program it to know what and how to learn. Once the map of the London Underground subway was given, it took care of the rest.

Lyft drivers won't have to switch apps to use Google Maps


If you've taken enough Lyft rides, you've probably noticed that drivers have to switch to a navigation app before they start driving. It'd be nice if they could just get going, wouldn't it? They will now: Lyft has added built-in Google Maps navigation to its driver app. Once you've buckled up, your drivers can take you to your destination with the same app they used to pick you up. Google Maps is only available in the Android version of the app right now, but it's "coming soon" for iPhone-toting drivers.

Google may Start Predicting Next Flight Delay Accurately - Tomorrows Central


Flight delays are a big headache when you are traveling somewhere. Internet based results for flight delays isn't that accurate, and thus many of us have to spend a lot of time sitting at the terminal.

The Google Maps Update Makes It Way Easier to Book an Uber

TIME - Tech

There's no longer a need to switch between Google Maps and Uber when planning a trip. Google is adding a new Uber integration that makes it possible to get a fare estimate, book a ride, and pay without leaving the app, the company announced on its site Thursday. Even if the Uber app isn't installed, users will be able to access the ride sharing service by logging in or creating an account from within Google Maps, the announcement read. After the ride is booked, users can track their driver's location on the map or contact him or her from within the app as well. Those who frequent Google Maps will notice another change in the app's ride services tab as well, which has been redesigned to include a map view with various ride-booking options displayed underneath.