Shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea Market with footwear designer Christian Louboutin

Los Angeles Times

Shopping can speak volumes about a person, and the revelations are particularly interesting when the setting is the treasure trove of the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena and that someone is French footwear and accessories designer Christian Louboutin, who likes to sync his trips to Los Angeles with the monthly bazaar. After all, the 53-year-old designer has plenty of rooms to furnish. He boasts a fishing cottage in Lisbon; a palace in Aleppo, Syria; a houseboat on the Nile River in Egypt; a 13th-century castle in the Vendée in France; and homes in cities including Paris and Los Angeles. Along with his many homes, he also has 132 and counting Christian Louboutin boutiques in 32 countries -- No. 133 is slated to open in Honolulu in August, followed by new locations in Paris, Tokyo and Houston by October. Louboutin says he is intimately involved in decorating each one.

AI Standards Development


The upcoming meeting of the Joint Technical Committee of International Standards Organisation (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in Japan will provide the forum for the further development of international AI Standards. SC42 consists of 28 Participating countries and 13 Observing countries from all over the world. Participating countries include Ireland representatives nominated by National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and Australia (SA), Austria (ASI), Belgium (NBN), Benin (ANM), Canada (SCC), China (SAC), Denmark (DS), Finland (SFS), France (AFNOR), Italy (UNI), Japan (JISC), Korea, Republic of (KATS), Luxembourg (ILNAS), Malta (MCCAA), Netherlands (NEN), Norway (SN), Russian Federation (GOST R), Singapore, (SSC), Spain (UNE), Sweden (SIS), Switzerland (SNV), Uganda (UNBS), United Kingdom (BSI) and United States (ANSI). Standardisation has been a driving factor in the creation of the European Unions Digital Single Market. European standards help to eliminate technical barriers to trade contributed to the implementation of European legislation and the development of sustainable industrial policy.

9/11 New York: Remembering a pre-political moment

Al Jazeera

Cities have a life of their own. It is as if they don't belong to the countries where they are geographically located. You fly from New York to London, Paris, Istanbul, Cairo, New Delhi, Mexico City or Tokyo - and the lives of the two cosmopolises your flight connects resonates deeply with each other beyond all political borders. The significance of these cities have to do with their collective memory of themselves, and the manner in which such memories live in their inhabitants. In every one of its citizens, the city sings that chorus memory.

Investigative Data Mining for Security and Criminal Detection: Jesus Mena: 9780750676137: Books


"It shows how myriad distributed data streams can be harnessed to fight crime. Through easy-to-read prose, the reader learns how to use both public and private databases and networks to find threats and minimize risks. Besides explaining how data mining is done, the book introduces the reader to such techniques as intelligent agents (software that performs user-delegated tasks autonomously), link analysis (a process involving the mapping of the associations between suspects and locations), and text mining (a process used to identify a document's content based on linguistic analysis) and how they can aid law enforcement. For example, law enforcement in the United Kingdom use text mining to "institutionalize the knowledge of criminal perpetrators and organized gangs and groups," author Jesús Mena writes. Case studies buttress these points.

China joins 20 most innovative economies, as U.S. falls to No. 6: U.N. report

The Japan Times

NEW YORK – China has joined the world's top 20 most innovative economies for the first time, according to a report released Tuesday by the U.N. intellectual property agency, while the United States fell out of the five top-ranked countries. The Global Innovation Index 2018 keeps Switzerland in the No. 1 spot, followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Singapore. The United States fell from fourth place in 2017 to sixth this year, while China jumped from 22nd to 17th in the rankings. Japan came in at No. 13, behind Finland (No. 7), Denmark (8), Germany (9), Ireland (10), Israel (11) and South Korea (12). Trailing it were Hong Kong, Luxembourg and France, then China.