WATCH: Domino's Pizza Delivery Driver Eats Toppings, Then Delivers Order

International Business Times

A security service in Surrey, England, was monitoring a residential building's security cameras when it spotted a Domino's Pizza delivery driver entering an elevator and eating pizza toppings from the box which was yet to be delivered to the customer.

Parcel delivery service Yamato set to hike delivery rates from Oct. 1

The Japan Times

Yamato Holdings Co., the nation's leading door-to-door parcel delivery provider, has announced that it will increase basic shipping fees for its door-to-door parcel delivery service from Oct. 1. It will be Yamato's first rate hike in 27 years in a move triggered by a serious staff shortage and surge in online shopping in the country, the firm said Friday. Yamato had previously said it would raise the shipping fees by the end of September. It decided on the new date as it is easier for individual customers to remember. The move came in response to pressure after it was revealed last year that many of Yamato's truck drivers were forced to work overtime without pay, prompting the company to retroactively pay ¥19 billion in unpaid wages to the drivers and other workers by July.

UPS to take on Telsa with its own electric delivery truck

Daily Mail - Science & tech

UPS is doubling down on electric delivery trucks by developing its own. The delivery giant announced Tuesday that it's partnering with Los Angeles-based startup Thor Trucks to develop an electric medium-duty delivery truck. The truck is expected to be deployed later this year, UPS said. UPS is doubling down on electric delivery trucks by developing its own. The company said it's partnering with LA-based startup Thor Trucks to develop electric medium-duty delivery trucks The Thor truck will have a driving range of about 100 miles, with lightweight batteries designed and built by Thor.

SoftBank-backed firm to buy online food delivery business in India

The Japan Times

NEW DELHI – Japan's SoftBank Group Corp.-backed ride-hailing firm in India is foraying into the food delivery business, by acquiring online food delivery service Foodpanda GmbH's local business from Germany-based Delivery Hero AG in exchange for its shares.

Characteristics of On-Time and Late Reward Delivery Projects

AAAI Conferences

The crowdfunding market size has increased exponentially, reaching tens of billions of dollars and showing the popularity of crowdfunding. However, according to Kickstarter, 35% backers did not receive rewards on time. To maintain the trust between creators and backers, and sustain the crowdfunding business growth, it is crucial to understand how on-time and late reward delivery projects are different. In this paper, we analyze characteristics of on-time and late reward delivery projects, especially, focusing on project descriptions, creator profiles, and activeness and linguistic patterns of creators and backers. Our analysis reveals that the less complicated a project is and more actively a creator responds to backers, the higher an on-time reward delivery probability is. It shows there are significant differences between on-time and late reward delivery projects.