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Here are the 13 best tweets of the week


Here we are: Another week of quarantine, another week of Good Tweets. We've been keeping tracking of the best tweets for six weeks now. Because life in isolation is boring and stressful and sometimes it's good to laugh at dumb posts on the internet. OK, enough throat clearing, here they are: the 13 Good Tweets. Been distance-teaching Romeo and Juliet to my freshmen and one of them sent me this meme today and I have never been more fulfilled in this job#TeacherLife

The best tweets of 2018 so far


It may seem impossible that, in our current cursed reality, anyone could generate even a single good tweet. For the most part, this is true. But there are a few tweets that rise above. These are the good tweets, the tweets that perhaps -- against all odds -- even made us laugh. Does anyone remember what laughing feels like?

The 20 best tweets of 2020


The year is almost done, which feels both impossible and long overdue. We here at Mashable have been collecting our favorite tweets of the week nearly all year, and even compiled the best posts of the first half of the year. So, here we are, in December, giving you our best tweets of the year. And sure, there are lots of good tweets out there and we probably missed a bunch, but whatever, we liked these. OK, here they are, in no particular order, the 20 tweets we loved in 2020.

Rachel Riley wins £10,000 damages over Nazi tweet

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"There is a clear element of provocation in the good advice tweet, in the sense that the claimant must have readily appreciated that the meaning of the good advice tweet was ambiguous and could be read as suggesting, at least, that Jeremy Corbyn deserved to be egged because of his political views," he concluded.

The 27 best and funniest tweets of 2022, so far


The world might be burning but at least we have tweets. And six is half of 12. Time, what a concept. We here at Mashable collect the best tweets of every week. So now it's time to collect the best and funniest posts of the year, so far. Please enjoy, the 27 best tweets of the first half of 2022.