Deep Gold: Using Convolution Networks to Find Minerals


Machine learning is kind of magic right? But is it the kind of magic that can make us rich? And I don't mean lucrative consulting gig rich, I mean digging valuable metals out of the ground rich. Also I'd been meaning to try out some transfer learning and looking around for a good topic to try it on. Transfer learning is where you take a pre-trained convolution (or other) network and use it for your task.

News Highlights : Top Equities Stories of the Day


Xinhua News Media Holdings Ltd. said Monday it is seeking to raise up to 42.9 million Hong Kong dollars via a share placement and will use the net proceeds for general working capital. Macau Legend Development Ltd., which operates casino and hotels, said Monday Laurence Yuen resigned as executive vice president and chief financial officer effective immediately. Inc. said it would embed artificial intelligence technology into its software for salespeople, making it the latest in a gaggle of companies racing to enhance workplace tools with human-like abilities. The company will demonstrate the new software at its annual user conference next month in San Francisco. Newcrest Mining Ltd. said it has agreed to sell its 50% stake in a Papua New Guinea gold operation to partner Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd. .

NBN clocks up more than AU 44m in new copper


While the National Broadband Network (NBN) company had originally said it would be spending AU 14 million on purchasing 1,800 kilometres of copper to last the company five months, it has now revealed that actual spend reached AU 44.2 million as of March 10. Citing commercial in confidence due to continuing negotiations, NBN could not provide any extra detail on volumes and costs of copper. NBN had in October revealed that while copper lines between the node and the home will not need to be replaced, the company would need to add or replace copper between the node and the pillar where necessary in rolling out its fibre-to-the-node (FttN) network. "We have to put new copper in to run to the pillar that serves all of our homes from our node to that pillar. And that could range in distance between right next to each other ... it is a short section, but it is new copper that has to go in the ground that doesn't exist today," NBN CEO Bill Morrow told Senate Estimates at the time.

Noel Parminter finds huntsman spider family in Queensland

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It could be a scene in a horror film: you're trapped in a dark, confined space where hundreds of spiders are scrambling in all directions. But it's all in a day's work for pest controller Noel Parminter, who stumbled upon a harrowing huntsman family in the roof of a Kholo home in Queensland. Footage of the nasty surprise shows the mammoth mother spider keeping a close watch over her hatchlings as they clamber out of their nest. The Queensland veteran said it was the biggest arachnid he had encountered in his 16-year-career, estimating she measured in at about 20cm. 'If spiders make you squeamish, don't press play ... you have been warned!' he wrote on Facebook.

New Zealand's 9 Spokes after support for ASX listing


New Zealand-based cloud app integrator 9 Spokes is launching a roadshow in Melbourne and Sydney this week to drum up support for a AU 25 million listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). They also get a single bill that covers all subscriptions to apps transferred in, or purchased, through 9 Spokes. The company recently built Deloitte Private's Connect cloud application platform. Rumours of the planned IPO first surfaced in late 2015 when the company was holding investor meetings in a AU 4 million pre-IPO fundraising. The company, founded in 2011 by Adrian Grant and current chief executive Mark Estall, wants to raise up to AU 25 million at 20 cents a share, valuing the business at AU 80 million.