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Telstra launches Telstra Mail email service


Telstra has announced the launch of Telstra Mail, a revamped email system for home broadband customers currently using BigPond or Telstra Mail will allow for 10GB of mailbox storage -- double the capacity of Telstra's current Outlook-based email services -- and is available on Windows, Mac, and all mobile devices and tablets. It will also have "advanced" spam filtering and security settings, Telstra said. Customers will be migrated onto the new service over the next few months, and will experience only a "minor interruption" in services as they are transitioned over to the new email system. "New Telstra customers can receive a free Telstra Mail service as part of their home broadband plan, and in the coming months we will be moving all our existing BigPond and

Telstra customers forced to reset modems after NBN, ADSL outage


The effects from Telstra's outage of National Broadband Network (NBN) and ADSL services on Friday continue to be experienced, with some customers complaining over social media that they still cannot connect. Telstra has said it is directly contacting customers still experiencing the impacts of the outage, with some users being advised to reset their modem. "While the network issue has been resolved relating to Friday's NBN issue, we are still working with a small number of customers who are having modem issues, and we apologise for the frustration and inconvenience this is causing," a Telstra spokesperson said. "If you have a Telstra TG587, TG797, or TG799 modem that has not reconnected to the network after a restart, please visit our CrowdSupport page for instructions on resetting your modem. "If you have followed these instructions and are still having connection problems, please contact us on 133 933 (ADSL) or 1800 834 273 (NBN) so we can troubleshoot your issue further."

Telstra refunds customers AU$9.3m for billing practices


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced that Telstra has issued refunds to 72,000 customers of AU$9.3 million in total after misleading customers on its premium direct billing (PDB) service. "We are pleased to see so many customers refunded by Telstra. It's clear a large number were charged for content like ringtones and wallpapers that they did not want, did not use, and had difficulty unsubscribing from," ACCC Chair Rod Sims said on Friday morning. "Following our action, Telstra has paid close to AU$20 million in penalties and refunds. This should serve as a warning to all telecommunication providers that misleading and deceiving customers will result in serious consequences."

Federal Court orders Telstra to pay AU$10m fine


The Australian Federal Court has ordered Telstra to pay AU$10 million in penalties for making false or misleading representations to consumers on the management of its premium direct billing (PDB) services. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) had taken action against the telco on the matter, with the court on Thursday holding by consent that Telstra misled customers and breached the ASIC Act. According to the ACCC, between 2015 and 2016 Telstra made false or misleading representations to consumers by charging more than 100,000 customers for PDB subscription services who had not requested them or had the ability to opt out of them. "Thousands of Telstra mobile phone customers unwittingly signed up to subscriptions without being required to enter payment details or verify their identity. By introducing and operating the Premium Direct Billing service, Telstra generated substantial profits by exposing customers to unauthorised charges," ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.

Telstra, TPG among those chosen for Commonwealth telco services panel


The federal government has selected its six initial Telecommunications Services Panel (TSP) members who will offer commonwealth entities managed WAN and data link services. Comprising the TSP so far is Telstra, TPG Network, Macquarie Telecom, Verizon Australia, Nextgen Networks, and Sliced Tech, with others expected to be announced over the coming weeks. The Department of Finance has already entered into head agreements with the initial panellists until November 30, 2020, with three 12-month extension options for each vendor. The TSP will see the six vendors provide terrestrial managed WAN services, satellite managed WAN services, terrestrial transport data link services, satellite transport data link services, and internet connection services to corporate Commonwealth entities and other government bodies, should they wish. The government initially went to market in May to establish the TSP, with the call for tender noting the goal of the procurement was to establish a TSP that "continues to deliver a competitive means to procure telecommunication services and convey continued savings to the Australian government".