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How Commvault and Lucidworks Turn Backups Into A Searchable Data Lake

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As the two companies' press release about the partnership points out, merging Commvault's "ability to collect, index and store data from all across an organization" with "Lucidworks' AI and machine learning capabilities will enable enterprises to perform content-aware discovery and analysis of critical content across data sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The integration will also provide a constant stream of data enrichment for Commvault data: when updated AI models from Lucidworks and search usage data (signals) are reapplied to data from Commvault, further context and meaning is applied to the data under management. Enriched data offers the user a guided and faster data discovery experience to quickly find the most relevant data to reduce the time and expense incurred in discovery events or power new search application use-cases."

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CloudBees, the enterprise software delivery company, provides the industry's leading DevOps technology platform. CloudBees enables developers to focus on what they do best: Build stuff that matters while providing peace of mind to management with powerful risk mitigation, compliance, and governance tools. Used by many of the Fortune 100, CloudBees is helping thousands of companies harness the power of continuous everything and gets them on the fastest path from a great idea, to great software, to amazing customer experiences, to being a business that changes lives. Backed by Matrix Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Verizon Ventures, Delta-v Capital, Golub Capital, and Unusual Ventures, CloudBees was founded in 2010 by former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey and an elite team of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and DevOps professionals. We have a culture of movers and shakers and are leading the way for everyone else with a vision to transform the industry.

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It's a bad news, good news situation for system administrators worried about the reliability of backing up data from cloud computing systems. The bad news is backup software for cloud data is only about half as mature as traditional versions, Commvault chief strategy officer Chris Van Wagoner said. The good news is some exotic technologies such as artificial intelligence may bridge the gap. "I don't want to poke fingers at any cloud providers because I don't care who you are--they all experience outages from time to time," Van Wagoner observed, reflecting on the recent major outages at Amazon and Microsoft. "One of the areas that everybody can do, including us, in the old legacy [backup] world is cross-platform, cross-application, cross operating system," he said.

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Somewhere in the spare room of a home in the US or overseas, a recent high school grad and soon to be member of the Class of 2022 at a school like Stanford or Georgia Tech is gathering up the clothes, gadgets, and dorm room basics that they will need for freshman year. Four years after that traumatic (for the parents) drop-off day, that skinny but brilliant freshman will graduate and join a six-person start-up company, where he or she will play an integral part in building the game-changing technology that you and your organization will use just a few years later. Some of the companies and technologies that will be in the must-have category are pulling in venture capital investments today. This is the first in an occasional series of roundups of just a few of the noteworthy startup reporting investments. We have reviewed dozens of June press releases and posts on TechCrunch to get a sense of what already is coming down the road.

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As data explodes in quantity, importance and from new sources, the need for managing and protecting data residing across physical, virtual, and cloud environments grow with it. Managing data includes protecting it, indexing and classifying it for true, long-term management, compliance and E-Discovery. Commvault can ensure this with a single pane of glass solution - whether in a private cloud, a Service Provider delivered public cloud or a hybrid cloud environment - across the heterogeneous enterprise. In his session at 19th Cloud Expo, Randy De Meno, Chief Technologist - Windows Products and Microsoft Partnerships at Commvault, will discuss how to cut costs, scale easily, and unleash insight with CommVault software, the only singular data and information management solution for cloud data protection and beyond. As always, Randy's session will include a lot of live demonstrations.