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Honeywell introduces next-gen quantum computer with 10 qubits - Express Computer


The H1 generation of computer, which uses trapped-ion technology, is strategically designed to be rapidly upgraded throughout its lifetime, said the company. Honeywell said the computer initially offers 10 fully connected qubits, a proven quantum volume of 128 and unique features such as mid-circuit measurement and qubit reuse. Quantum volume is a metric of the overall compute power of a quantum computer. According to a report in TechCrunch, the H1's quantum volume is higher than comparable efforts by IBM. But it is far behind what trapped-ion quantum computing startup IonQ claimed earlier this month it was able to achieve with 32 qubits.

Honeywell launches marketplace for enterprise apps


Seeking to expand the reach of its software business, Honeywell on Tuesday is launching a new marketplace for enterprise apps. The Honeywell Marketplace, which offers apps from Honeywell and independent software vendors (ISVs), is designed to give enterprise users the sort of simple experience they might expect when they're downloading a consumer application from the Apple App Store or Google Play. While Honeywell is traditionally known for hardware like handheld computers, the company built the marketplace to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, Lori Haggart, Honeywell's director of software innovation, said to ZDNet. "We realized hardware alone is not going to provide customers that end-to-end offering," she said. "This marketplace gives us the platform to do that, and it sets Honeywell up to be a thought leader in this space."

Honeywell to Roll Out Quantum Computer


Industrial conglomerate Honeywell International Inc. said Tuesday that it plans to introduce an early-stage quantum computer for commercial experiments within about three months, with JPMorgan Chase & Co. as the first public user. A Honeywell executive said the machine is set to be the world's most powerful quantum computer by one measure, as it vies for a leading position in the nascent quantum-computing market against technology giants such as International Business Machines Corp., Alphabet Inc.'s Google and Microsoft...

Honeywell will crowdfund a DIY home security system


In the tech world, Honeywell is a long-established (century-old!) But its next venture is usually a move made by less-resourced companies and startups. Soon, Honeywell will launch an Indiegogo campaign and ask folks to crowdfund its new product, a home security system you can install yourself. A DIY home security setup seems intriguing, though details are scarce (we've reached out for more information). Backers provide "very valuable feedback," a Honeywell spokesperson told The Verge: "We can engage, look for new features, and improve the product based on that first launch via Indiegogo."

Honeywell Spins off More Than $7B of Its Operations

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The homes and global distribution business will include home heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls and security markets and security and fire protection products. It will have about 13,000 employees. The transportation systems business will serve a range of engine types across global automobile, truck and other vehicle markets. It will have about 6,500 workers.