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Amazon knocks $50 off the luxurious Kindle Voyage e-reader


Getting through a summer reading list is a breeze with an e-reader, and one of our favorites, the Amazon Kindle Voyage, just dropped in price from a steep $200 to just $150. There's a lot to love about the Voyage. Its sharp screen resolution, at 300 ppi, provides crystal-clear visual with no jagged edges in sight. Four buttons also make turning the page convenient no matter which hand you're holding it in. Even with this price drop, the Voyage is quite a bit pricier than the $120 Kindle Paperwhite, but it's worth it; with improved graphics, controls, and features, it's all-around a much better e-reader and one of the best on the market.

Norway-based Viking longship replica set to begin voyage along East Coast

The Japan Times

MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT – A replica of a Viking longship that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean is scheduled to leave its current home in Connecticut. The 115-foot Draken Harald Harfagre is set to sail out of Mystic Seaport Museum on Monday. The Day reports that the Draken has been at the museum since 2016, where it has undergone maintenance while raising funds for the next leg of its voyage to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The vessel is expected to return to Mystic in October. The ship left its home port of Haugesund, Norway, on April 26, 2016, to re-create the first trans-Atlantic crossing by the Vikings more than 1,000 years ago.

Amazon's luxurious Kindle Voyage e-reader is $105 off in this today-only refurbished deal


E-readers are a fantastic way to breeze through novels. It turns books into completely searchable documents that you can highlight, bookmark, and make notes on. Amazon's luxurious Kindle Voyage elevates the experience even more, and for today only, the online retailer is selling this front-lit Kindle (refurbished) for $95 instead of the $140 it usually charges for a certified refurbished unit, and well below the $200 you'll pay for a new model. We don't cover refurbished goods that often since you never know if the devices are truly "good as new," which is the promise. In this case, however, the device comes directly from a reputable retailer (Amazon), it's covered by Amazon's customer service policies, and it and comes with the same one-year warranty new devices get.

Stone Age replica raft almost ready to repeat epic prehistoric voyage

New Scientist

Would you sail across 460 kilometres of shark-infested waters on this bamboo raft, with no support vessel and only stone-age technology to hand (and a satellite phone for emergencies)? A crew of eight from the First Mariners experimental archaeology project are preparing to do just that, setting sail from Rote Island in Indonesia and heading for the north coast of Western Australia.

Russia Launches First Manned Voyage to ISS Since Rocket Accident

U.S. News

BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan (Reuters) - A Russian-made Soyuz rocket blasted a three-man crew into orbit on Monday, beginning the first manned voyage to the International Space Station since a mission in October was aborted in midair because of a rocket malfunction.