60 Second Adventures in Thought


What does '2001: a Space Odyssey' have to do with Odysseus? How does Brad Pitt's Achilles in'Troy' match up to Homer's original hero? And is Arnold Schwarzenegger the new Heracles? This collection of video animations and audio discussions examines how the heroes of Greek mythology have been represented in popular culture, from ancient times to the modern day. Odysseus is the archetypal questing hero - a blank canvas on which every era has projected its own values.

I Have to Ask: The Chuck Klosterman Edition


Chuck Klosterman is a writer and essayist. In a wide-ranging conversation with Isaac Chotiner, he discusses the costs of politicizing pop culture, the roots of Donald Trump's shamelessness, and why music is such a subjective art form.

A Conspiracy Thriller Before Its Time


Regardless, the film largely drifted from public consciousness, although it was not completely forgotten. Over time, popular culture in the United States embraced Kennedy's memory and revealed a fascination with his assassination. At the same time, Sinatra grew from star to living legend. These topics seemed naturally to converge in Frankenheimer's movie, which though not seen over the years was still occasionally discussed. By the late 1980s, Sinatra seems to have dropped whatever objections he may have had and studio executives decided that the time was ripe to rerelease the film.

Most popular passwords of 2017 have been revealed

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Despite hacks and data breaches becoming commonplace, it seems most people are still picking a password based on convenience rather than security. A study of 61 million leaked passwords by Virginia Tech university and security firm Dashlane has revealed the most common passwords of the last year. It found that emotionally fuelled phrases such as'f***you' and'iloveyou' are often chosen by users when setting a password for an online account. The list of leaked passwords also suggest people often turn to their favourite brands, films, music, pop culture icons, and football teams when looking for inspiration. Despite hacks and data breaches becoming commonplace, most users are still picking passwords based on convenience rather than security.

Why You Don't Need To Worry About AI

Forbes - Tech

Any great sci-fi movie has artificial intelligence (AI), but to be entertaining, a movie needs drama. So in the real world, advances in AI are less about robot overlords and more about "Siri, take me home." Below, a few members of Forbes Technology Council offer their insights on why we should all stop worrying about AI, and possibly even embrace it as the future. Pop culture always portrays AI as an attempt to reproduce human consciousness - computers becoming self-aware and then turning on their human masters. In practice, there are very few groups in academia or industry that are trying to address machine consciousness.