Tesla is developing an electric self-driving truck

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Tesla is close to testing a prototype driverless electric truck in California and Nevada, leaked emails have revealed. The long haul semi-trucks will drive themselves and move in'platoons' that automatically follow a lead vehicle. The plans were revealed in a discussion of potential road tests between Elon Musk's firm and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). California officials are also meeting with Tesla on Wednesday'to talk about Tesla's efforts with autonomous trucks,' DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez told Reuters. Tesla is close to testing a prototype autonomous electric truck (teaser image pictured), leaked emails have revealed.

'Platoons' of autonomous Freightliner trucks will drive across Oregon


Most of the self-driving truck attention has revolved around Tesla's much-teased reveal of its EV big rig next month and all the auto companies rushing to introduce their own electric models. But there's another autonomous truck-related race to develop tech and mechanisms to enable the safe travel of extensive convoys of these vehicles, known as'platooning.' At the North American Commercial Vehicle Show this weekend, German automotive titan Daimler announced its trucks will engage in'platooning' tests on highways in Oregon and Nevada. Daimler will start with a test linking two of its larger Freightliner New Cascadia trucks that are'paired' to move in sequence, tech that the company first publicly experimented with in a 2016 Europe-spanning challenge. In short, the autonomous trucks will'talk' to each other and coordinate their driving to maximize efficiency, including keeping the trailing vehicle behind the front one to minimize drag, similar to how trains of cyclists'draft' behind the leading one.

Reports: Tesla to test self-driving semi-truck in California, Nevada

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Tesla will partner with French renewable energy company Neoen to build the 100-megawatt battery farm in South Australia state. Tesla is poised to begin testing a self-driving semi-truck in an advancement that could help revolutionize shipping, according to multiple reports. The Silicon Valley automaker met with transportation department officials in Nevada in June about its plans to test a driverless truck crossing between the states, according to a document obtained by Reuters. The company also had plans to meet Wednesday with Department of Motor Vehicles officials in California to discuss the plans, according to Reuters and Bloomberg. Tesla has long planned to reveal an electric semi-truck at an event in late September with production launching within two years.

Daimler to test truck 'platooning' technology in U.S.

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German automaker Daimler AG's trucks division said it would test a new technology called'platooning' on U.S. roads, allowing large digitally-connected trucks to save fuel by driving closely together, with one vehicle following the other. Daimler's announcement, and promises on Monday by rivals Navistar International Corp and Volkswagen AG to field a medium duty electric truck by 2019, highlight a race among global commercial truck makers to deploy new technology both to anticipate regulatory mandates and influence policy debates. Trucking industry executives are gathering this week at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta as the U.S. medium and heavy truck market is emerging from a slump. Daimler AG's trucks will save fuel by driving closely together, with one vehicle following the other. The test will allow large digitally-connected trucks to save fuel by driving closely together.