UPS has new electric trucks that look straight out of a Pixar movie


UPS has revealed sleek new electric trucks that look like they've rolled straight out of Pixar's Cars series. The company revealed it's working with vehicle manufacturer Arrival on a pilot fleet of 35 lightweight electric trucks that look far more futuristic than the standard boxy vehicles. UPS says the trucks have a longer range than other delivery vehicles, reaching around 150 miles on a single charge. As with all electric vehicles, they have zero emissions. The trucks, which UPS will test in Paris and London, have what the company describes as a "highly advanced vehicle display," along with additional safety features.

UPS to take on Telsa with its own electric delivery truck

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UPS is doubling down on electric delivery trucks by developing its own. The delivery giant announced Tuesday that it's partnering with Los Angeles-based startup Thor Trucks to develop an electric medium-duty delivery truck. The truck is expected to be deployed later this year, UPS said. UPS is doubling down on electric delivery trucks by developing its own. The company said it's partnering with LA-based startup Thor Trucks to develop electric medium-duty delivery trucks The Thor truck will have a driving range of about 100 miles, with lightweight batteries designed and built by Thor.

UPS's new electric truck is emission-free — and really, really adorable


Just look at those smooth edges and friendly exterior -- UPS's newest delivery truck is quite the crowd-pleaser. The internet let out a collective "awww" when the delivery service announced its new electric truck partnership with British EV company Arrival this week. SEE ALSO: Volvo's electric garbage truck promises to dramatically reduce noise pollution UPS will have 35 of the zero-emission EVs with 150-mile range and a driver assistance system to help with driver fatigue. A trial program with the fleet will hit the road by the end of the year in Paris and London. UPS already has 300 electric vehicles in Europe and the U.S. in its ongoing effort to move away from fossil fuel dependence, but none have unearthed such a response as this particular EV.

Einride's T-log Is a Self-Driving Truck Made for the Forest


If a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody around, does the truck that comes in to pick it up make a noise? Not much of one, if it's the latest offering from Swedish startup Einride, an all-electric autonomous semi looking to carve out a niche in an increasingly crowded (but not yet entirely real) market. The new truck, unveiled today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, is the T-log. Like on the T-pod, the truck Einride unveiled last year, there's no cab or engine, just a skinny, sculpted, white slab up front. At the back are upright supports to hold the logs in place.

UPS is adding to its fleet of electric delivery trucks


UPS announced today that it will soon deploy 50 electric delivery trucks designed by Workhorse Group Inc. that will cost about the same as traditional, conventionally fueled trucks. They'll have a between-charge range of around 100 miles, will be zero-emission and the first vehicles will be tested in a handful of cities this year. "Electric vehicle technology is rapidly improving with battery, charging and smart grid advances that allow us to specify our delivery vehicles to eliminate emissions, noise and dependence on diesel and gasoline," Carlton Rose, UPS' president of global fleet maintenance and engineering, said in a statement. "With our scale and real-world duty cycles, these new electric trucks will be a quantum leap forward for the purpose-built UPS delivery fleet. The all electric trucks will deliver by day and re-charge overnight."