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Solve your data problems with this discounted MySQL bootcamp


TL;DR: The Complete MySQL Bootcamp is on sale for £6.85 as of August 2, saving you 95% on list price. Only three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and the enduring importance of good data management. You're on your own when it comes to the first two (sorry), but as far as the latter goes, you'll find it easy to systematise and manipulate databases when you learn MySQL through the affordable Complete MySQL Bootcamp. Based on the computer language SQL -- that's pronounced "see-cue-ell" and stands for Structured Query Language -- MySQL is the world's most popular relational database management system. It's ultra-efficient and really useful in the realms of e-commerce, app development, and sales, qualities that have made it a go-to tool for heavy-hitters like Apple, Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, and Twitter. The Complete MySQL Bootcamp will show you how to add MySQL to your own workflow with beginner-friendly lessons on joining tables, designing schemes, building web apps, and more.

Data Science Nigeria to host AI Summit and Bootcamp


The summit will focus on understanding the financially excluded segment, use of alternative data (geospatial, social media, mobile footprint, psychographics) in developing credit risk scoring algorithm, and building simpler AI-enabled financial delivery interfaces. The Summit is scheduled to hold on Wednesday, 10 October 2018 at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos and with the theme, "New Algorithms for the Financially Excluded Segment". This is a broad based stakeholder session focused on understanding emerging trends and advanced data analytics use cases applied to issues of financial inclusion. The one-day Summit will be followed by a five-day residential, all-expenses-paid Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp and Hackathon on emerging trends in machine learning and deep learning between 10 and 14 October 2018. The intent of the bootcamp and hackathon is to build world-class capacity in advanced data analytics, upskill financial inclusion data analysts and researchers in emerging best practices, and to support the development of contextually relevant algorithm and tech innovation.

[100% Discount] Complete Machine Learning Bootcamp - Learn From Scratch


Welcome to this course "Complete Machine Learning Bootcamp – Learn From Scratch". In this course you will learn from scratch. We will assume that you are a complete beginner and by the end of the course you will be at advanced level. This course contain Real-World examples and Hands On practicals. We will guide you step by step so that you can understand better.

What is Machine Learning? A definition


To put it simply, Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides systems with the ability to comprehend and improve from experience without being openly programmed automatically. Machine learning focuses on developing computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for them. So, why not make the best of machine learning in California to enhance your skills for a profitable career. The machine learning process starts with observations or data, through experience or instruction, to locate markings in data and make wiser decisions in the future. The main aim is to allow computers to learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly.

This management bootcamp includes 18 courses on Six Sigma and more


TL;DR: Add to your skill set with the Ultimate Six Sigma, Lean & Quality Management Bootcamp for $99, a 98% savings as of Sept. 27. If you're trying to slide into a project management position, getting certified in a key methodology will make a difference. This 51-hour Ultimate Six Sigma, Lean, and Quality Management Bootcamp is filled with information to help you get those certifications on your LinkedIn. Created by the Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE), a training and certification provider, this boot camp is designed to optimize your profile and eventually help you find a new job. It's comprised of 18 courses, which are centered on teaching you Six Sigma, Lean, and Quality Management frameworks.