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Maquette Goes Big on Metaphor but Light on Real Emotion


How late is too late? It's the question every finite relationship asks itself. Maybe tensions are running high. Worse, maybe they've come and gone, ebbed away, leaving something sullen and numb in their wake. Even if a salvage operation is possible, it comes only after you ask yourself that all-important question.

Maquette review – exhilarating worlds within worlds

The Guardian

Maquette opens with a conversation between two strangers in a San Francisco coffee shop, a flirty interaction sparked over a sketchbook. Romance soon follows and the game – the latest from the tasteful video game arm of the Hollywood studio Annapurna – charts the blossoming of a young relationship. It's a straightforward premise for a game that is anything but. The simplest way to understand the highly experimental design that sits at Maquette's core is to imagine, on your kitchen table, a scale replica of the street outside. Move an object on the model and, simultaneously, the full-size object moves, with great, clunking heft, outside your door. Step outside and you are able to physically clamber on to the staircase and hop into the neighbour's garden.

'Final Fantasy VII Remake' will be a PS Plus freebie with a catch


After Sony's latest State of Play stream, it's clear why the company announced the next batch of free games for PlayStation Plus members a couple of days later than usual. At State of Play, Sony showed off the PS5 version of the game, which will have upgraded graphics, higher framerates, other improvements and a DLC episode. If you claim FF7 Remake through PS Plus, you won't get a free upgrade. You'll still need to buy the current game for the upgrade or pay directly for the PS5 version, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. First-person puzzle game Maquette is intriguing, with its recursive, mind-bending riddles requiring some out-of-the-box thinking. If you get stuck, you can call on the console's Game Help feature for guidance.

'Maquette's' turbulent love story is its strength. Its uneven puzzles are its weakness.

Washington Post - Technology News

At its best, "Maquette" gracefully weaves interactivity and storytelling into one cohesive experience. For example, you spend a good chunk of a later stage shrunk down to a tiny size. Everything around you is big, intimidating and imposing, which makes sense: Within the story, the protagonists seem to feel small during fights. An indie pop soundtrack elevates the storytelling, too, with carefully chosen songs from mostly San Franciscan musicians (this story takes place in San Francisco) that play at the right moments to set a mood. "Maquette" can feel intimate, like reading someone's diary, and the music helps sell that sentiment.

Microsoft is readying 'Maquette' a mixed-reality prototyping tool


Microsoft quietly has begun testing a mixed-reality prototyping tool known as "Maquette." A beta, video tutorials and a feedback site for the product already are live. Microsoft's site describes Maquette as "a mixed reality tool for creating immersive prototypes using a PC VR headset." "Bozzetto" is an Italian equivalent of the term.) "We're working on a new way to prototype ideas in VR (virtual reality," the site adds.Microsoft officials note on the site that it's difficult to "sketch and iterate spatial ideas quickly in 3D space," so a tool that can do this quickly and simply is needed.