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Singapore authorities highlight sharp spike in online trading fraud


Singapore's law enforcement and financial industry regulator have issued an alert about rising fraud incidents involving online trading platforms. Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), which operates under the Singapore Police Force, and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said 142 reports were filed last year from consumers who lost S$7.8 million (US$5.83 million) trading on unlicensed online sites. In comparison, 40 such reports were recorded in 2016. Singapore's proposed cybersecurity bill should put many on notice Questions remain over the kinds of services that will require a license and government officials' liability, but the proposed legislation is clear in one thing--that cybersecurity must now be a top priority for any business operating critical infrastructures in Singapore. The unregulated trading platforms offered various products including foreign exchange, commodities, and binary options, they said, noting that these sites typically were based outside Singapore.

The Evolution and Future of AI in the Stock Market


A dedicated writer and digital evangelist. Are you aware of how the buying and selling of stocks were carried out when there was no internet or computers? Back then, stock exchanges had active trading floors filled with brokers and traders. To make a trade or a purchase, they had to shout or use hand signals to alert others about their buy or sell orders. It looked a whole lot like an auction at a fish market today. But then came computers and the internet to change the game completely.

New stock exchange fights unfair online trading


To begin with, every trade is slowed down by 350 microseconds -- you can't just pay for a faster connection to beat the competition. Not that you could if you wanted to. IEX bans trading houses from paying for servers that live closer to the stock matching engine, so wealthier outfits can't just buy their way to success. There are 13 American stock exchanges now that IEX is around, and getting companies to trade there may be difficult when the the likes of NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange are more popular. But if it does catch on, it could be the key to changing a financial system that's often driven more by automation than human decisions.

Robinhood Trading App Experiences Outage, Back Online

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Robinhood Markets Inc, the fintech startup credited with helping popularize trading with millennials, said on Thursday it experienced a major trading outage and that while its systems were back online, it was still working to resolve the problem.



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