7 Fastest-Growing Job Roles In Data Science & How To Work Towards Them


In an industry that is experiencing a steady rate of job creation, data science itself has moved from just a buzzword to a strategic component in organisations. In addition to this, data scientists are increasingly taking on more strategic roles as organisations employ a product-centric view of data. It is a field that promises tremendous job growth and higher earning potential. Our latest research posits 97,000 jobs are available in this buzzing field. On the hiring end, there is a significant overall growth in jobs in the field.

Online Master of Science in Business Analytics - Business Analytics @ Tepper


The Tepper School of Business developed the curriculum for the online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program from the ground up with this question in mind. In consultation with global business leaders, they determined that the greatest need is for professionals who not only have advanced analytical skills, such as machine learning and optimization, but also the appropriate business knowledge and communication skills to solve complex problems and bring value to industry.

The Best Data Science Books Of All-Time -


"What are the best books to Learn Data Science?" We looked at 153 of the top books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question!

Top 5 tech skills data scientists need, and how to learn them


Data scientists remain in high demand, but those interested in pursuing a career in the field must have the right skillset to land a job with a top salary, according to a Thursday report from Indeed Prime. Demand for data science professionals continues to rise as more companies seek to collect and analyze data and draw business insights from that information. Data scientist job postings have increased by 256% since December 2013, and median base salaries have reached $130,000, according to Indeed data. As more companies adopt data-driven approaches, data scientists must keep their skills current based on what employers need, the report noted. Indeed Prime analyzed the most asked-for skills in Indeed job postings.