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500 Emirati men and women in first batch to be trained in artificial intelligence field


The first 500 Emirati men and women will soon start their training in artificial intelligence as the UAE looks to begin shaping its future in a field that is expected to soon touch every company and individual on the planet.

Oracle moves to exploit emerging tech in SA


Global enterprise software giant Oracle will up the delivery of emerging technologies in the South African market as most local businesses are proceeding with their digital transformation initiatives. So says Arun Khehar, Oracle's senior vice-president for applications sales for the Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa region. In an e-mail interview with ITWeb, Khehar said the world of business is changing at an unimaginable rate. Emerging technologies are changing the way companies do business at every level, across every function, he notes. These technologies have the ability to learn and adapt and change, giving the organisation the space it needs to focus on its core business and growth." According to Khehar, the adoption of cloud technology has come around far quicker than anyone anticipated. "In South Africa, we are seeing the transformation at CEO level in favour of cloud adoption, in particular hybrid solutions.

UAE launches Governance of Artificial Intelligence course to empower future leaders OpenGovAsia


On 18 June, UAE's Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mr Omar Sultan Al Olama signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dr Ali Sebaa Al Marri, Executive President of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG), to enhance cooperation and empower young Emiratis. The collaboration seeks to help prepare a future generation of leaders by honing their leadership skills, developing their practical experience and enhancing their knowledge in employing AI technology in government work through training, educational courses and workshops. At the MoU signing ceremony, Minister Al Olama highlighted the potentials of using AI for innovation solutions and the importance of empower future leaders to use the technology. According to him, the creation of government services, programmes and initiatives that enhance the quality of life in the community and support having a competitive knowledgeable economy requires tools, skills and future potentials. "Preparing young Emiratis in AI and the use of its techniques to create innovative solutions to future challenges, supports the vision and directives of our (the UAE's) leadership, to strengthen the UAE's position as a global hub in the use of AI to shape the future," said Minister Al Olama.

Going Back To School


Shortening product life cycles and constant evolution of international products and technologies are posing major challenges to businesses. Not just start-ups, but established businesses too are having to constantly evolve for keeping up with new trends in products, services and technologies. With innovation becoming a buzz word, going back to school to keep up with, if not go ahead of the curve, is seeing top managers and CEOs undertaking courses to acquire new skills-- 'retooling', in corporate jargon. "Typically, people who have reached the corner office in large organisations would have done their MBAs in the 1970s and 1980s," says Dr Farhan Pettiwala, president of Enactus India, a subsidiary of Enactus Worldwide, an international non-profit organisation of students with a focus on community empowerment through promotion of entrepreneurship. "They are extremely good at people skills, but struggle with technology, especially when it comes to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Oracle to open region's first AI lab by end of January


Oracle will be opening the first artificial intelligence (AI) lab in the region at Dubai Internet City by end of January, a top executive said.