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Data Scientists Say They've Developed Algorithms to Predict the Next Coup Attempt


Data scientists who have already been tracking political violence around the world are retooling their efforts to predict American insurrection using AI.

US strike on Syrian air base has limited impact on Assad

Associated Press

BEIRUT (AP) — The U.S. missile attack caused heavy damage to one of Syria's biggest and most strategic air bases, used to launch warplanes to strike opposition-held areas throughout Syria.

Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Extremist Cleric And Al Qaeda Supporters

International Business Times

Twitter has suspended the accounts of an extremist cleric and two other radical Muslim scholars believed to be associated with the terrorist outfit al Qaeda. The accounts of Jordanian preacher and al Qaeda spiritual leader Abu Qatada and Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, another influential jihadi scholar, who is considered to be a close friend of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and al-Siba'i were suspended. Qatada's deportation in 2013 to Jordan was orchestrated by the then British Home Secretary Theresa May. Qatada, originally an asylum-seeker who had settled in the U.K., nearly two decades ago was extradited to Jordan as the latter wanted to try him on terrorism charges. However, he was eventually cleared of all charges.