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Peacock reps are telling Fire TV users to sideload the app


NBC's Peacock streaming service still isn't available on Amazon Fire TV devices eight months after launch, and even some folks at Peacock seem exasperated by the stalemate. As Scott Porch first pointed out, Peacock's social media team has been encouraging Fire TV users to sideload the app over the past week, particularly in response to WWE fans left stranded by the network's move to Peacock last week. Across Twitter and Facebook, I've found numerous cases in which the company suggests sideloading Peacock on Fire TV as a workaround, though the company stops short of providing instructions. "We understand your frustration," one of the company's responses reads. "While Peacock is not currently supported on Amazon devices, there are sideloading options that some customers have found helpful."

Peacock streaming service is coming to Android TV and Chromecast


NBCUniversal's new streaming service Peacock will be available on Google platforms and devices beginning July 15th. That includes Android, Android TV, Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices. Google users will have access to the same tiers as other Peacock viewers, including the free, ad-supported offerings that arrive in July. Android and Android TV users will get complimentary access to ad-supported Peacock Premium until October 15th, at which point they'll be charged $4.99 per month. Google users can also upgrade to the ad-free version of Peacock Premium for an additional $5 per month.

NBCU's Peacock app finally arrives on Roku following Comcast standoff


Peacock, the streaming video app from NBC that became a flashpoint during heated content negotiations between NBCUniversal and Roku, finally landed on Roku devices Monday morning after the two companies settled their differences on Friday. The news that Peacock is now available for Roku users followed weeks of tit-for-tat between NBCUniversal and Roku over the app, with NBCU threatening to pull all of its 40-odd "TV Everywhere" apps, including content from NBC, Bravo, E!, and SyFy. While the Peacock app, which offers such NBC and NBCU-produced shows as Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, Today, NBC Nightly News, and Meet the Press, made its debut back in July, it hadn't shown up on Roku yet because NBCUniversal and Roku couldn't agree on a distribution deal for the app. The dispute reached a head late last month when Roku's existing distribution agreement for NBCU's other streaming video apps expired. With negotiations over Peacock stalled (reportedly over how the two companies would split advertising revenue, among other issues), NBCU pressured Roku by threatening to pull all of its other content.

Inside Comcast's Plan to Become a Streaming Giant WSJD - Technology

Comcast is alone among the industry's titans with its all-encompassing approach: AT&T Inc. recently unwound its own bet that content and distribution can thrive under one roof, with its deal to spin off its WarnerMedia division into a merger with Discovery Inc. Comcast's CEO is also wrestling with whether to build or buy to become a streaming powerhouse, people close to him said. Inc., have struck mergers meant to supercharge their streaming efforts. Mr. Roberts, 61 years old and known as an aggressive deal maker in his two decades atop Comcast, has told people close to him that he doesn't feel a need to seek a merger. But he is scoping out options, and ideas on the table include a potential tie-up with ViacomCBS Inc. or an acquisition of Roku Inc., one of the people said. Comcast declined to make Mr. Roberts available for an interview.

How to get Peacock on your Fire TV right now


NBC's Peacock streaming service has just launched, but Amazon Fire TV devices are being left out. Just like with the arrival of HBO Max in late May, NBCUniversal and Amazon are currently locking horns over an array of money-related issues, such as how to split up revenue from advertising, and it doesn't sound like they'll be working it out anytime soon. NBCUniversal is also fighting with Roku on similar grounds, so Peacock isn't available on that platform yet either. The good news for Fire TV users is that a workaround exists, and it's the same one that allows HBO Max to run on Fire TV devices today: Just sideload the Android TV version of the Peacock app on your Fire TV device instead. The setup's a bit of a hassle, but the app itself works just fine.