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The hiring market has changed dramatically over the last year. The unemployment is at a 50-year record low 3.5% and competition for top talent is fierce. IBM reports that "90% of the S&P 100 are recruiting for the same 37 in-demand jobs." Getting ahead of the talent acquisition race starts with learning about next year's biggest trends, topics, and innovations. Here's what recruiters and hiring managers need to know about the recruitment outlook for 2020.

Recruiting 2020: Transforming your talent acquisition process


But then the world changed. Evolutions in technology threw your business into complete upheaval. Almost overnight, your team found itself in a very competitive market. And everyone wants the talent and skills you need -- cybersecurity analysts, data scientists, digital marketers…and who knows what the next new skill will be. You have to disrupt, or be disrupted.

What's Coming: Tech Hiring Predictions For 2019


From the further advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the increased reliance on data analytics and data science, this past year has been significant for all things tech as it relates to business needs. As executives and finance departments look to strategize for 2019, here's a look at some of my core tech hiring predictions for 2019 -- based on my observations as the CEO of a digital media and tech staffing firm for short- and long-term talent -- to help ensure your business remains informed and capable of attracting (and retaining) the most in-demand talent. According to Gartner's April 2018 forecast, worldwide IT spending is projected to reach about $3.85 trillion in 2019, up 2.8% from 2018. Despite the various pieces of negative press big tech has received, the business advancements and benefits provided through the adoption of AI, ML, cloud technologies and tools in the workplace have led to a continued investment in IT departments. Almost half of the respondents to the 2018 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey reported an IT budget increase, and 48% expected a budget increase within the next year.

The average AI job commands six figures--here are the top 15 companies hiring talent right now


Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, agrees that AI development will lead to unfounded innovation in a variety of sectors, which will ultimately increase job opportunities.

5 things we know about the jobs of the future


As the labour market rapidly changes, new, nearly real-time data and metrics give us better insight than ever before into what the jobs of the future will look like. The kinds of jobs emerging in the global economy span a wide range of professions and skills, reflecting the opportunities for workers of all backgrounds and educational levels to take advantage of emerging jobs and the new economy. Identifying emerging jobs and the skills that they require provides valuable insights to inform training investments, and paves the way for a "Reskilling Revolution", as individuals seek new skills to keep pace with change. But for all of the opportunities that the new economy will bring, there are stark skills gaps and gender gaps that must be addressed. If we don't, they will continue to widen in the future.