Shares of Amazon hit a major milestone on Monday: $1,000. The retail giant hit the $1,000 mark soon after the markets opened on Monday. Shares have dipped a bit since then, hovering around $997. That's an increase of nearly 40% from this time a year ago.

Kohl's to Start Accepting Amazon Returns at Some Stores

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Shoppers can also have an Amazon employee come to their home and install a device or suggest smart home products to buy. Best Buy recently launched a similar program, which sends its employees to customer's homes to recommend electronics.

City of Boston Amazon Pitch


This chapter has been organized into three categories: Investments, Incentives, and Initiatives. Each category presents opportunities for collaboration with Amazon as we work together in building a long-term partnership to enhance the experience of both our residents and Amazon employees in the City. Boston looks forward to discussing this chapter in further detail with Amazon.

Amazon opens '4-Star' store selling highly rated items


Why aim for five stars when four will suffice? That seems to be the logic behind Amazon's latest brick-and-mortar shop in New York City. That's right, the online retailer is encroaching on real, physical businesses yet again -- but this time it's not groceries but items from its website that are rated four stars and above, top-sellers, or are new and trending online. Amazon 4-star opens tomorrow in the SoHo neighborhood of #NYC – check out a sneak peek of the store here: https://t.co/tA2G8zI5OK The highest rating for an Amazon listing is five stars, but the store took the average ratings of all the products in the store and found it was 4.4 stars.

Amazon rolls out collaborative wish lists to everyone


Back in July, The Verge discovered that Amazon was testing a collaborative wish list feature. Now, Engadget has learned that the feature is available for all users. "Amazon is excited to share that now ALL customers can build their Shopping Lists or Wish Lists together in one convenient location," the company said in a release. To invite others to collaborate on a list, all you have to do is create or navigate to the list in question, click on the " Invite" button and invite whoever you want. Once people are invited, they will be able to add and remove items from the list, as well as receive notifications on updates and communicate on the list.