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Japan Investment Corp. urged to seek approval from industry ministry for each investment

The Japan Times

The industry ministry has urged government-backed Japan Investment Corp. to seek its approval for each of its investments, according to informed sources. But JIC claims such an approval system would make it difficult to make quick investment decisions, according to the sources. Concerns are also emerging that the public-private investment body may be used for unnecessary corporate bailouts, they said. The ministry's move has come to light just as its relations with JIC are deteriorating over executive pay at the investment body. The ministry made the demand last month, along with a request to lower compensation for JIC executives including President and Chief Executive Officer Masaaki Tanaka amid criticism that they are paid too much.

Robo-Advisors The Future of the Investment Industry Oye! Times


A recent study by the CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analysts) looks at the future of the investment profession. The CFA Institute is a global, not-for-profit organization and is the world's largest association of investment professionals. Currently, there are approximately 2 million workers in the investment industry, managing around $100 trillion in assets for clients. The report looked at the findings from a survey of 1145 investment industry leaders, looking at the trends that will impact the investment business in the future. Here are some of the more interesting findings, particularly those related to how the investment industry will have to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

UK hospitality industry calls for 'urgent' support

BBC News

"Urgent" support is needed to prevent "widespread devastation", the hospitality sector has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Around 120 hospitality and tourism bosses have signed an open letter calling for aid and investment. The industry wants to see VAT reduced, tax bills further deferred and some rent debt covered through grants. Bosses say parts of the sector will not survive because some businesses remain closed, despite the easing of lockdown. "Hospitality businesses operate with very high fixed costs and labour costs are the only flexible point to absorb this suppressed demand," the letter said.

Emerging Industry Supply Chains: Opportunities for Taiwan


A global rethink of supply chains means that some economies will have fresh opportunities to attract investment, build out new industries, and diversify their growth drivers. Taiwan is uniquely positioned to benefit from these shifts, but what policy changes and technology investments are needed to better organize government, business, academia, research institutions, and labor to fully take advantage? Join Evan A. Feigenbaum, Michael R. Nelson, Joy Chan, Ari Schwartz, and Megan H. Stifel as they discuss a new Carnegie paper on Taiwan and global supply chains in two evolving industries: safer software and the life sciences.

AI-powered investments: how AI/ML is improving returns in the investment industry


Early efforts to apply AI to investing have proven to be largely successful. A recent report by Eurekahedge noted that their AI/Machine Learning Hedge Fund Index had outperformed their overall Hedge Fund Index by nearly 200bps per annum over the past five years (annualized returns of 7.35 percent vs 5.51 percent). Institutional Investor Alpha's annual list of the highest-earning hedge fund managers also bears this out, as the majority of the managers in the top 10 (such as Bridgewater Associates, Citadel, the D.E. Shaw Group, Millennium Management, etc.) are known to incorporate AI into their investment processes.