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Everything We Know About 'Amazing Race' Season 31

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Season 31 of "The Amazing Race" will feature a major crossover of stars from all three of CBS' reality franchises. After speculation over the last month that "The Amazing Race" was going to first feature a cast of all "Big Brother" alums, before news broke that members from past seasons of "Survivor" had also been cast, the show confirmed that the new cast would consist of members from all three reality franchises. The news came via a video of host Phil Keoghan at the show's starting line, which was shared to the official Amazing Race Twitter account over the weekend. "I wanted to let you in on a little secret," Keoghan says in the video. "I am at the start of'Amazing Race' 31, and for the first time ever, we have a reality clash between fierce competitors from three of your favorite shows--'Survivor,' 'Big Brother,' and'The Amazing Race.' Trust me, this is going to be crazy time.

Why 'Amazing Race' Is Reportedly Doing An All 'Big Brother' Themed Season

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The show finally saw an uptick in ratings with its successful 30th season in January and February of this year, and now, "Amazing Race" producers are allegedly considering a massive cross-over theme when it comes to Season 31. Following "Big Brother" couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson's big win in Season 30, producers are reportedly planning on making the newest installment of the series one that features teams made up completely of former "Big Brother" houseguests and stars, making for one of the biggest cross-overs between the two reality competition shows yet. Sources close to production told TMZ that the series will feature an all "BB" cast for an upcoming season and that it will begin to film shortly. The site reports that the show reached out to a large list of competitors for the new season and that it will feature at least one former "Big Brother" winner, though several others declined to participate due to family and career reasons. The reason for the themed season comes from the success Jessica and Cody, one of the more popular teams from the recent installment, found.

'Amazing Race' Axes Popular 'Big Brother' Couples Ahead Of New Season

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"The Amazing Race" still plans to do a whole season featuring teams who have crossed over from other CBS reality series, but a few "Big Brother" faces will reportedly no longer be a part of the cast. According to TMZ, James Huling and Corey Brooks from seasons 17 and 18 of "Big Brother," who were previously reported to be a team on the new "Amazing Race," were axed by CBS. In addition, Caleb Reynolds, from Season 16 of "Big Brother" and Seasons 32 and 34 of "Survivor" has also been dropped, as have former enemies turned friends from Season 19 of "Big Brother," Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian. No reason was reported for the decision to drop the competitors from the themed season, though CBS did tell the website that they had a "new casting twist for the next edition of'The Amazing Race' that will be announced shortly." Of these rumored participants, Rachel Reilly is the only one who has previously appeared on "The Amazing Race."

'Amazing Race' Season 31 Will Reportedly Feature These 'Big Brother,' 'Survivor' Alums

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The newest season of "The Amazing Race" may wind up being a big reunion for other CBS reality show alums, with sources reporting to multiple outlets that alums from "Big Brother" and "Survivor" will make up the new cast of the show. After initial reports to TMZ confirmed that "Big Brother" alums were going to be featured on the new season, Us Weekly also reports that "Survivor" alums will also be a part of the competition. TMZ had previously reported that Corey and James, as well as Caleb, were all participating and that Corey and James had nicknamed their team as Tejas Tacos. Of the rumored competitors, Rachel Reilly is the only one who has previously appeared on "The Amazing Race." She competed with her husband, Brendan Villegas, on both Seasons 20 and 24 of the series.