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Amazon Video gets an NFL reality show this summer


The sports video producer has unveiled All or Nothing, a football reality show destined solely for Amazon Video. The series will follow a given NFL team's internal drama through a whole season, starting with the Arizona Cardinals' 2015 path to the NFC Championship Game. The initial eight-episode run will be available this summer on any device that can handle Amazon's internet video services, so you'll have no shortage of gridiron action to watch on your Fire TV while you're waiting for the next season to start.

The History and Future of VR


If there's a human being who knows more about virtual reality than Kevin Kelly, I'd sure like to make their acquaintance. Kevin was WIRED's founding executive editor in 1992 and has long been our Senior Maverick. But he was experimenting with, reporting on, and writing about experiential platforms long before WIRED existed. Which is why Kevin's was the first number I dialed after visiting the (until now) mysterious startup Magic Leap in suburban South Florida. Who better to write our cover story on Rony Abovitz's provocative "mixed reality" technology--digital overlays on the real world--than a man who helped define the way WIRED and everyone else think about new media?

Microsoft opens a studio for mixed reality


Microsoft has really been hammering home its commitment to mixed reality lately, debuting its headsets earlier this month and holding an entire event dedicated to the concept.



It's well known that imagination has no limits, we have the ability to visualize picture or new ideas, we produce and simulate novel objects, sensations and ideas in the mind without any immediate inputs of the sense. Imagination is so helpful to us that we can just create our past experience, we can change everything in our imagination we can control it, yeah some times it gets out of control due to our distraction and focus. What if we could simply stand in front of a tree and we get a pop up message of the specification of the entire tree? Let's imagine a different situation in which you meet some of your friends and wanted to say something to one of them, but you can't do so because it got completely out of your mind .I am pretty sure that this thing has troubled you all a lot and some of you might have had this thought that what if i had notes and reminder in my mind? SO THE QUESTION IS " IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Augmented reality hits economic reality in the case of Magic Leap


Magic Leap just announced its intention to focus on the enterprise market, after years of branding itself as a consumer device company. The corporate press release blamed COVID-19 for the required pivot, and nearly 1,000 employee have been laid-off; almost half its workforce. However, this shift toward the enterprise market is not driven by the COVID-19 crisis. It is a case of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and remote reality (RR) hitting up against economic reality (ER). Only a minority of (regular) people are willing to pay a lot of money for experiences that can't populate their Instagram feed.